Below you will find links to all the projects I have done in the past.  Within each caption there is a link to the original post.

My favorite projects are simple. It doesn't get much simpler than this DIY clock.

These cross stitch boxes are simple and fun. Plus, there's a free download in the post!

A simple and custom DIY approach to wrapping paper.

This small family portrait has a special place in my home.

It took a little patience, but this banner was very fun to make!

One of my favorite projects to date - here's the post about it and here are the instructions.

Mini Christmas ornaments made from some leftover materials - hello free project!

Easy and simple DIY geometric ornaments.

These DIY brass corners were so simple and so fast!

By far, my favorite project from the dinner party - vinyl stickers on the wine glasses that say cheers in different languages.

These party decorations only cost me $7!

Another simple element from my dinner party - these favors were a big hit.

The dinner party table settings were simple, but made a big impact.

Home Sweet Home wall decor made with cardboard letters and some paint - super simple and easy!

Home Sweet Home cross stitch project - made using a simple kit!

A simple change to an elegant frame made this TJ Maxx find match my home.

Using a tutorial found on pinterest, I made a ombre bracelet for my sister in this post.

In this post, I use text "shadows" to create a negative space design using my Silhouette.

In this post, I'll show you some creative and fun ideas for wrapping gifts.

In this post I show you my coffee table redo using herringbone as my inspiration.

Add a custom touch to your regular clothes pins using washi tape.

A custom frame for some wonderful memories.  See how I put this together in this post.

Two very important photobooth photos get displayed in a special way in this post.

I'm not a skilled seamstress, but this camera strap tutorial was easy to follow!

Here's a quick binder clip upgrade.

In this post, I show you how I turn a photo of my nephew into a geometric silhouette.

Jazz up your metal flower pots with a little spray paint!  (Did I really just use the term "Jazz up?" Sheesh.)

In this post, I use my circle punch and a small frame to make some scaly art.

A piece of bristol, thin tape, and some leftover paint are all you will need for this simple art project.

I used yarn, foam, ribbon, and a snowflake to make these wreath ornaments.

All it took to update this little turtle was a some new supplies and a little time.

I use these paint chips to create my very own paper chandelier.

In this post I use book pages to create ornaments for a good friend.

In this post, I update an old, family photo with some wrapping paper and paint.

This is a project I made for my friend Katie.  It's a line from a song by LMFAO.  I used puffy paint to create the letters and then used mod podge to stick them onto the canvas.

In this post, I solved my problem of trying to find inexpensive frames for my Hipstamatic photos.

See how I made inexpensive wall art with puffy paint and a canvas.

Add a littler personality to your welcome mat with this simple project.

Use puffy paint to create inexpensive wall art using a quote from your favorite song.

I used paper to redo a boring white mat in this quick and easy makeover.

In this step stool makeover, I used negative space to create my design.

See how I made this new header using free designs I found on the web.

Easy and cheap coasters using white tiles, craft paper and mod podge.

I made my handwriting into a font! Easy and cheap!

See how I painted this $4 Goodwill find to update it's tired look.

In this post, I show you 2 onesies that I created for a very inspiring baby.

This onesie was made for my nephew, but the joke is all for his mom.

I used two old keys and an Ikea frame to put this little project together.

See how I transformed an outdated hutch into a statement piece...all in time for Christmas.

In this post, I reveal 5 onesies I designed for my nephew for his first birthday.

I used this photo of my adorable pooch to create some dog inspired wall art.