My Pup

This is Charlie Girl.  If you know me, you know Charlie.

I've wanted a dog ever since I can remember.  My poor parents, I shamelessly begged for years.  June 26, 2008 my dream came true.

She's changed quite a bit since 2008.  She's no longer black and tiny.  She's a hefty 20 lbs and light brown all over - except for those black ears, the mascara around her eyes, and the tip of her tail.

It didn't take long for this little girl to make her mark on my life.  When you randomly see people you know they typically ask about your kids or your job.  Well, when people see me, they ask me about Charlie.

She's completely spoiled.  She gets to sleep wherever she wants (and she has several spots), though her favorite spot is her side of the couch.  Yes, she has a side.

Charlie Girl is my company in this lonely apartment.  She keeps me active and entertained, so you'll be seeing a lot of her here.