Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Always Learning

There's something about New Years that gets me every time. I could sort of care less about the party and the ball drop and all the sparkly dresses - my New Year's kiss was Charlie - but there's something about the new year that makes me want to start fresh.

I'm really into brush lettering right now. It's all over the internet and I'm loving it. I found a few guides that got me started (like this one) but my real goal is to find my style. And that is proving to be difficult.

Practice usually includes picking out words from the show I'm watching and writing them down. Can you guess what show I was watching? This was early on in my practicing and I actually feel like I've come a long way since then.

It took at least 20 tries to get a "February" that I was happy with. I had to throw out at least half the tries because I spelled it wrong. I've noticed that I'm not the best speller when I'm working on brush lettering. Oh well. One skill at a time. Once I get the letter's down, maybe I'll be able to focus on the words I'm putting together.

I really, really, really like using watercolors and a brush. It is so smooth and I can go back and hide the mistakes.

Plus, the texture of the colors and paper is just awesome. I love the way the color spreads and moves as you write.

The ombre that happens naturally is pretty much the best thing ever. It makes mediocre lettering look deceptively good. And I'm totally fine with that.

I recently bought some brush pens and I'm really excited to try them out, though I don't know if anything can top watercolors.

This is one of those skills that I'm not sure what to do with yet, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. And I haven't found my style yet, but I'm certainly having fun trying.

Have you been learning a new skill in this new year?

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