Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hannah's Birthday

We celebrated a very special birthday recently.

Our little princess is getting bigger every day and it's so much fun to watch... and photograph. I was kicking myself for not setting aside time for a project, but I realized that these photos are my creative project.

Kids are hard to photograph, especially when they know you so well. They don't stop moving to pose or say cheese, they just live and move and play. For example, they might put 2 party hats on their head, come over to show you, stand still for 1 second and then walk away. They've taught me to react quickly.

I'm constantly changing settings on the camera and moving myself when I shoot these kiddos. Sometimes I ask them to look at the camera. 80% of the time, they won't. They've gotten too used to me asking for that.

Most of the time, I try to capture what is happening and what they are doing without them noticing me. Like this shot of Esther and Hannah playing.

And this shot of Hannah hugging her new dress.

Each time I go through the day's photos, I learn something about how I shoot and what I like to shoot. It's such a fun experience.

If you haven't tried photography, I highly suggest it. It's much easier to pick up than you might think and it's incredibly rewarding.

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  1. Speaking as your "older" auntie, what a gift for Cam and Han to have their happy childhood times saved in photos. We can NEVER make too many good memories. What a blessing to grow up in a family with so much love!!!