Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY Notebooks

Work has been crazy for the past month. All of my energy has gone to some big presentations which is why I haven't posted here the past 2 weeks. Welp, the presentations are over and I finally feel like I can relax (aka: empty out my Hulu queue).

PS. If you aren't watching Quantico and Blindspot - you should be! So good!!

Ok, back to why we've all gathered here today. I bought these notebooks with the intention of DIYing them a little. I had no idea how, but sometimes the blank canvas itself is inspiring.

I've been writing down ideas for the past few weeks, but finally settled on adding some cross stitch detail. 

And just incase you think cross stitch is so blah - Did you see that LC also does cross stitch? I've loved her ever since she was on Laguna Beach (when we all thought "that's so donzo" was cool to say). The girl's got taste and I'm definitely feeling much more on trend these days. 

There were actually 3 notebooks in the pack, but I knew going into this that I would lose one to a project fail. I opened the notebook and laid it flat onto the cutting mat so the Silhouette blade could cut the cover without damaging the rest of the book. But I didn't take into account that the rolling bar would hit the spine if my design got too close to the edge. I ended up with one notebook that I had to chuck. Oops!

I'm in no way a girly-girl. I'm not into pink and hearts and glitter, but for some reason I put a heart into every cross stitch project that I do. It's a mystery. But I guess the reason doesn't matter if the result is nice, right? Maybe I'm a girly-girl at heart. (See what I did there?) 

For these designs, I used all 6 strands of floss. Typically, I only use 3 or 4, but I really wanted these designs to look full. I also wanted the center holes to disappear. There's nothing I can do about the edges, but it's nice when the holes in the center of the design aren't visible.

This design probably looks a little strange to you. It's actually initials. Do you see it now? E. S. They are my sister's initials. She also inspired the colors. She loves purple and orange - together and individually - so I gave her a little of both.

The first design was simple and small, so I wanted something big and chunky for the second notebook. I stumbled across this cross stitch alphabet inspired by this quilt pattern.  I love that it's abstract.

Stitches upon stitches upon stitches. I just love it.

I think I need to join C. S. Anonymous. I'm only a few steps away from cross stitching everything I own! Watch out, Charlie!

Have you tried cross stitch yet? 

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  1. I'm puzzle-challenged so stopped trying to put puzzles together years ago. And guess your "E S" fits into the category of what my brain doesn't see. I have looked and looked and can't see it. This will drive me nuts. By the way, Charlie might enjoy a cross stitched doggie collar! Good idea, huh?!!