Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Clock

For my 30th birthday (yikes!) my BFF, Kristin, got me a DIY clock kit from Bri + Co.  It was so perfect. She gave it to me right when I started up the blog again. It's amazing how your friends can know you so well. Right when I'm looking for creative projects, she gives me a clock kit.

It took me quite a few weeks to figure out what I wanted to do with it. After some pinterest searching and a few failed mock ups, I finally found my inspiration -

[please pin from original source]
(1) This wall at the office designed by Emily Henderson. She also used stripes similar to this on the floor of the Oh Joy studio. They look amazing and I'm obsessed with them. If I was in anyway a risk taker in my home, I would have a wall like this.

(2) This fabric from Joann Fabrics stopped me in my tracks - along with every other fabric by Nate Berkus. I was surprised that I could love upholstery fabrics so much, but when I saw the designer it all made sense.

If I ever become a millionaire, I'm going to have Nate Berkus design my entire house. The man is a genius. I stalk his stuff at Target. Seriously stalk it. I want all of it.

Ok, back to the clock.

Illustrator has become a favorite tool for my DIY projects. Being able to see the outcome of a project before starting is really helpful. I was able to size my stripes, layout them out and see the outcome before cutting any vinyl for the stencil.

Painters tape comes in 1" or 1/4", but of course I wanted my stripes to be 3/8". Because I'm a middle child and we don't make anything easy (just ask my family).

So instead of cutting painters tape by hand and most likely having crooked lines, I cut strips out of black vinyl using my silhouette Cameo. One direction at a time, I placed all the strips onto the clock face and just eyeballed the width of each stripe. The control freak in me was blown away by my lack of measuring. Thankfully it turned out pretty good and no mistakes are staring me in the face.

 I was really impressed that the paint didn't bleed under the vinyl. I'm a big fan of clean, crisp lines.

The outcome was exactly what I wanted and so perfect. 

You might be wondering why there are no numbers. Let's be honest, who needs a clock anymore? With my phone always by my side and a computer in the room, I'm never looking at the clock. So I skipped the functional and went straight to beautiful.

It was such a fun project and I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out the pattern. 

Thanks again for the kit, Kristin! 

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