Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cross Stitch Boxes & Download

Three day weekends are my favorite thing. It's just enough of a break from the grind to leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go. And it's plenty of time to fit in a project or two!

Most of the weekend was spent doing laundry (and binge watching Manhattan on Hulu - oh my gosh so good!), but I did take some time to work on these little cross stitch boxes.

Psst - I made you a printable incase you want to make them, too (see bottom of post).

The simplicity of cross stitch makes it one of my favorite things to do. Not to mention the amount of colors to choose from. My mom has been letting me babysit her thread collection. By the time she wants it back there might not be any thread left!

I was up late Sunday night designing and finishing these because (of course) creativity struck at 9:30pm and I couldn't go to bed until they were done, which ended up happening at 1:30am.

You know you're an adult when you can't drink caffeine anytime after lunch.

I found a box design online, popped it into Illustrator and went to work. Once I got all of the graphics lined up, I created a silhouette file for each box (see bottom of post for downloads).

My Silhouette machine did all of the work. It cut the box design and all of those tiny circles. If you don't have Silhouette machine, you can use a needle to punch the holes.

Each circle is 0.064 inches in diameter. That's a tiny circle to cut. My Silhouette machine has done it before, so I knew it would be able to handle the job.

When the stitching was complete, I folded and assembled the boxes.

After I made the boxes I thought, now what am I doing to do with these? I often make things without an end game in mind. An idea eventually pops up. Plus, you can never have too many boxes!

I'm going to be honest and say that I ate 65% of those hershey kisses when I was done taking photos. And they were delicious.

Here's a better look at each box -

This last design turned out to be my favorite. This is my current favorite color combination (hence the blog graphics). It feels like fall to me - a fresh and vibrant fall. Or maybe I'm just really ready for fall. Or maybe I can't stand humid days. Or maybe I'm ready for all the bees to be gone. All bees gone. All. Of. Them.

It's most definitely all of the above (and especially the bee part).


Download links:
Cross stitch boxes PDF
Silhouette machine file - Nordic
Silhouette machine file - Heart
Silhouette machine file - I Like You


  1. Wow, love these and I love the colors! LOL at the caffiene comment...very true...#old

  2. I love that idea. I love little boxes and could use them at a birthday party, put one on a co-worker's desk, or a "just because" little thing for friends. Cracked me up that once you got started you were up into the early hours of the next day. I've done the same thing. Hey, when having fun who wants to waste time sleeping?

  3. I love them, thank you so much!
    Veronique from Paris (France)