Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Handmade Quilts

You may not know this, but my mom has become an expert quilter. She can pump out a quilt faster than you can say "jelly roll" (it's a quilter thing, I promise). My mom helped me create a beautiful quilt for a friend when she had her first baby and we've kept that tradition going.

Two of my best friends got pregnant at the same time and my mom sprung into action to help me make quilts for each of them.  

Let's start with Teen's quilt:

If you haven't heard of Birch fabrics, make sure you check them out.  I used their Accorn Trail collection for this quilt. Their fabrics are all organic, which is pretty awesome - but the biggest reason I love this organic fabric? The colors. They are rich and earthy and beautiful.

For each of the quilts, I embroidered a tag. For Teen's quilt, I used the bird from the pattern and added a little message so my new and teeny BFF will remember who made her this little quilt.

Quilting is a fun, but complicated process. Math. So much math. Thankfully, my expert quilter did the math for me. Also, ironing. So much ironing. Who knew? It's all so much harder than it looks.

Even when stitches are crooked or blocks are uneven or corners don't meet up, I'm still incredibly proud of these quilts and the work that went into them.

I like quilting with my mom because I get to see what it takes to make all the beautiful quilts that she makes. She made a quilt that had over 1,000 pieces. She hand-cut each piece. That is incredible to me.

The hand embroidery is one of my favorite parts of the quilt making process. I love hand work and the detail that is put into it.

Ok, onto Mel's quilt:

Teen found out that she was having as soon as she could (though she tortured us by keeping the name a secret), but Mel hasn't found out and Baby isn't due for another few weeks, so I tried to keep this quilt more gender neutral.

You might be thinking that all of the flowers make this the opposite of gender neutral and you're probably right, but quilts are more for the mamas than the babies. So instead of choosing patterns/colors that would work for a boy or a girl, I chose what I thought Mel would love.

This large gingham pattern seemed perfect for my farm girl, Mel. My mom helped me "stitch in the ditch" on this quilt - which means you quilt in the seams. We also put cotton batting in this quilt. When washed, cotton batting makes the quilt wrinkly. I love the wrinkles because it looks worn in and well loved - and even better, it hides all of my mistakes (all of those times that I didn't stitch directly in the ditch).

After years of friendship, Mel and I discovered that we are both obsessed with You've Got Mail. We've been friends since 2004 and we just discovered this last year. And our friendship has only grown stronger. Now we watch it together as often as we can. That's why I used a daisy on this tag. "Don't you think daises are the friendliest flowers?"

There's a lot of love stitched into these quilts and I hope the little babies that use them will feel the love. And to the mama's I love - at some point these will be messed on, so wash on delicate and dry on low.

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  1. Both of them are beautiful!!! I am insanely jealous of your skills!!!