Saturday, November 15, 2014

Be Merry!

Hi there!  I haven't shared any projects in a long time, so I thought I'd show you something I've been working on.

I've been making handmade banners for my Etsy shop.  It's the perfect project to do while I catch up on my favorite TV shows.  Speaking of tv - have you seen the Blacklist lately? Oh. My. Goodness. And Grimm? It's so good this season!

Anyway...  You can check out this Be Merry banner here.

Each flag has a hand stitched letter that I have so much fun creating.  But I think my favorite part is packaging and shipping the banners.  I love wrapping it all up and sending it out to someone that will enjoy it.

I'm also selling this Be Merry banner in navy blue and teal.   Christmas is just around the corner and it's almost time to start lugging all the decorations up from the basement.

This year is going to be a little different for me.  Normally I'm all about an untraditional color palette.  Like last year's hot pink & kraft paper and neon 2 years ago.  Not to mention that my tree is white and not green.  But this year, I'm going as traditional as possible for me - red.  Red everything.  I'm very excited.  Hurray for Christmas!

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