Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hannah's Second Birthday

This post is coming a little late (like a month late), but I'm over it.

We celebrated Hannah's second birthday last month.  This little lady is not so little anymore.  She's growing up by the second and she is such a big talker.

Nose kisses with her mommy.

Sorry, Hannah.  This is not the most flattering photo of you, but I love it anyway.

Birthdays are great excuses to go through Target and buy every single piece of cute clothes and accessories.  This headband was the cutest thing.  It looked even better on her.

Her big present from Grandma and Grandpa was a big doll house.  She loved it.

And so did her big brother.

Cam and Hannah put all the candles on the cake.  They used every candle in the box.  It was a little hard for Hannah to wait to get to her cake.  I love this photo of Char intercepting a little hand heading for the cake.

This video is just too cute!  I love Hannah's face when we sing and I LOVE hearing Cam say "Hannah, make a wish."  Such a fun little party.

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