Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day with the Fam

It's incredible how much fun it can be to spend an afternoon with two little people under the age of 5. They make everything interesting and fun and today was no exception.

This weekend, they got their first pet.  He's a beta fish named Rainbow and he is very much loved.

Can we just talk about the fact that Hannah's hair is long enough to go into a pony tail?  Can we also just say that it's the cutest pony tail ever in the history of the whole world?  We are all just a little bit obsessed with it.

"Hi, Rainbow. Hi, Rainbow. He's swimming! Eat food, Rainbow."

Lunch time is always exciting.

After lunch came naps for the kids and Charlie while Char and I enjoyed some movie time.  "I said pointy feet not pointy words. Point words are mouse turds."

Cameron and I did a little sewing together. I was working on something while we watched the movie and when Cam was done with quiet time he wanted to help.  He chose the colors and did the design completely on his own - I assisted with needle safety and threading.

Hannah wasn't allowed to touch anything in my little kit except for the thread... that she then piled on our little project.  She also gave it all to Char at least 3 times.

Charlie has learned to live with the craziness that happens when we are with the kiddoes.  She doesn't love it, but she's learned to live with it.

A little longboarding in the house? Why not!

Hannah is holding the puppets that Cameron made.  She's also in a full out daze.  I had to wave my hand in front of her face to get her to wake up :)

The puppet shows were amazing.  Everyone got a turn.

It's pretty comfy back there.

Char got a turn and Hannah decided to assist her.  While Char was putting on a show, Hannah was putting all the other puppets on top of Char.

Cam said, "Aunt Esther, you sit on the chair and I'll sit on your lap." Getting bossed into cuddling might be the best thing ever.

I've officially given up on asking Han to say "cheese".  It never works.  This time I asked her to say "hi" to Charlie.  It worked like a charm and I got the biggest smile out of her!

Esther's puppet show was excellent.

This last photo ended up being one of my favorites.  How cute are his little feet?  I love the teamwork.

What a fun day.

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