Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Blue Rug and My Pup

My craft room has amazing light in the evenings.  With the addition of some sheers, the light has gotten even better.  So, of course, I started snapping photos of my favorite pup.  I took this one of her on her chair and quickly realized how awesome her light hair looks against the blue rug...

So I kindly asked her to sit on the rug and she immediately complied with the sweetest disposition.

Ha. Right. I had to bribe her with a treat.

Being the incredibly impatient border terrier that she is, we went through 6 small treats in 5 minutes.

Thats the longest our little photo sessions can be because I don't like to spoil her dinner.  And the only way to keep her in one spot is to feed her.

But do you see what I mean?  Doesn't she look great in blue?  I love the color of her hair with the richness of the blue rug.

Plus, I've been wanting a photo of her to frame - but I wanted something with a lot of color and contrast.

See this look?  This is the "the jig is up, give me the treat" look.  It means our little photo session is over.  I think this last photo is the one I'll frame.  I love my photo sessions with this girl... even when they are super speedy.

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