Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Blue Rug and My Pup

My craft room has amazing light in the evenings.  With the addition of some sheers, the light has gotten even better.  So, of course, I started snapping photos of my favorite pup.  I took this one of her on her chair and quickly realized how awesome her light hair looks against the blue rug...

So I kindly asked her to sit on the rug and she immediately complied with the sweetest disposition.

Ha. Right. I had to bribe her with a treat.

Being the incredibly impatient border terrier that she is, we went through 6 small treats in 5 minutes.

Thats the longest our little photo sessions can be because I don't like to spoil her dinner.  And the only way to keep her in one spot is to feed her.

But do you see what I mean?  Doesn't she look great in blue?  I love the color of her hair with the richness of the blue rug.

Plus, I've been wanting a photo of her to frame - but I wanted something with a lot of color and contrast.

See this look?  This is the "the jig is up, give me the treat" look.  It means our little photo session is over.  I think this last photo is the one I'll frame.  I love my photo sessions with this girl... even when they are super speedy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yello Paper Co. & and coupon

Say hello to my newest adventure - Yello Paper Co.  I've been looking for another hobby and I think I've found just the thing.

In case you're wondering - the name comes from my standard telephone greeting when a family member calls.  I almost always answer with "yello!".  We all seem to have our own unique greeting and that is mine.

For now, it's a small shop.  And by "small" I mean there's just one item.

I'm selling custom change of address cards.  I want each item in my shop to be truly unique and something that I am passionate about.  What makes these cards unique is the custom illustration. I'll draw a custom illustration of your home to add to your cards and really make your announcement stand out.  Then I have the cards printed and send out a finished product.

I've experimented with several different layouts and types of homes -

So far, I've had just one order and I'm hoping for many more.  It was so fun to create a custom illustration and send off a finished product.  That first order helped me smooth out the process and helped me to feel really comfortable with the whole Etsy process.  It's all very fun!

Are you moving or do you know someone that is?  Spread the word and help them save 10% at

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Babysitting

I spent Saturday morning with two of my favorite people.

We put together a new puzzle from Aunt Esther.

Hannah pretended to blow dry her hair for about an hour.  She also did my hair and Charlie's hair.

The light in this house is awesome in the mornings.  We sat right by the door to play and put together the puzzle.  The morning light was just divine.

Me: Hannah, say cheese!
Hannah: No!

Me: Yes!
Hannah: No!

Me: Yes!
Hannah: No!

Strangely enough - our little conversation made her smile.  I won that one, Hannah!

Cameron is VERY good at puzzles.  This puzzle had 200 pieces and he put it together light a champ.  I only helped him organize and look for certain pieces.

"Aunt Ginner, we need more shark pieces."

"Aunt Ginner, we need more of the whale."

Char mentioned that she wanted a cork board for Cam's room.  Est and I found a big one at Goodwill for $2!

This little artist is loving his new cork board.  "I can put the pictures up all by myself!"

I brought Charlie with me because I felt super guilty leaving her home alone on a Saturday morning.  She might have liked it better if I had left her at home.

Frank is putting in a pump track in the back yard for Cam to ride his bike on.  Cam is very excited about it.  Charlie wandered onto the dirt and Cam followed her to make sure she hadn't relieved herself on it.

I have no idea what is happening in this picture.

I just love hanging out with these kiddoes.