Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday Dinner with the Fam

This girl.  This girl is my favorite girl.  She is just the sweetest thing and she's pretty hilarious.  She's turned out to be girlier than any of us ever were/are.  She's into shoes, jewelry and accessories.

So when I saw a sweet little jewelry box at HomeGoods for $8, I just had to get it.

I gave it to her at my parent's house, so we found some of mom's jewelry for her to play with.  But she decided that the lemon would be more fun.

When it didn't fit in the drawers, she tried to put it in the top compartment.  When that didn't work either, she went back to the earrings and watches.

This big guy is a big fan of the sandbox.  He could probably play out there all day.  We love it, too.  We were all very excited for sandbox season to start.

We sit around the sandbox in comfy chairs and watch as Cam and Han do silly things in the sand.  Like trying to fit into a little bucket...

Or acting like a pirate with a pegleg.

Charlie likes sandbox season just as much as the rest of us.  She loves to relax outside and survey her domain.

This little Hannah girl is so cute.  She's become quite independent.  It's very fun to watch her grow up.

Like I said, surveying her domain.

Look a little closer at the front seat of the car.  Cam got to take a short ride with his grandpa from the front yard to the back yard.

Kelly stopped by with a few pieces of watermelon for the kids.  Cam doesn't like it, so the adults shared his piece.  But there was no getting your hands on Hannah's.  I helped her hold it because that sucker was slippery!  Just look at all the juice on her face!

There was no way this little lady was going to share her very tasty treat.

As the night was wrapping up, someone found these sunglasses and we decided to put them on Hannah.  Normally, she pulls them off the second you get them on her.

But I think the reaction she got from all of us made her want to keep them on.

This is her silly face.

After getting washed up and into her pjs.  This girl dove into Pinterest.  We were looking at a lot of cute girl stuff (dolls, blankets, dollhouses) and she decided she wanted to be in on the action.

She was hooked.  She laid on the counter like this the whole time we were on pinterest.

You can never start too early :)

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