Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let the Grilling Begin!

Last weekend was our first Saturday of absolutely wonderful weather - beautiful sunshine and temps around 60 degrees.  Charlie and I took full advantage of the weather and took a walk.

I brought along my camera in hopes of finding something beautiful in the dead, brownness around us.  I'm sure there's someone out there that could make this brown world look amazing, but it's not me.

There are photos that I've taken that I am very proud of, that make my passion for photography stronger.  And then there's this - this brown, dead flower.  The photos that I love are of things that I am passionate about - Charlie, my family, color.

I think the reason I can't find beauty in this time of year is because I'm not passionate about it.  I love winter for the snow and I love spring for the color.  This in between time has none of that.

I may not have gotten any nice photos, but Charlie and I thoroughly enjoyed our walk (in between avoiding big dogs).

The best part about that beautiful Saturday was having a family dinner.  We grilled.  People, we grilled.  Nothing says spring like a burger hot off the grill.  It was so good.

Est and I stopped at Goodwill on the way to dinner and we hit the jackpot.  Est go an awesome set of horseshoes, I got the PERFECT mirror for my bathroom (for $7 I might add), we got Cam a bunch of tattoos and a little musical instrument for Han.  Seriously, JACKPOT!  Oh, and cups for Char.

For some reason, Dad always has the coldest hands and he likes to make everyone feel how cold they are.

This four year old is a shy guy.

Once the food was out the camera was put away and we all enjoyed a freshly grilled burger.

I love this weather.

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