Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Few Macro Minutes Outside

Thursday morning, I was running out the back door to my car because I was late for work, when I stopped dead in my tracks - are those raindrops on the budding bush?  I went back inside, grabbed my macro lens and then was 30 minutes late for work.

I'm so thankful that my job has a flexible schedule.  I just couldn't resist spending some time with my camera, the bush in my backyard and the amazing drops of water covering the buds.

I love that my macro lens allows me to see things that I struggle to see with my own eyes.  I also love that it forces me to take pictures differently and know my camera better.

It was very dark that morning - that sun hadn't quite come up yet and it was very cloudy, but I knew if I wanted to take photos that droplets would be gone by the time I got home.

Look at the way water just hangs on.  It's simply amazing.

It was totally worth working a later than normal to have 15 minutes to capture a small piece of God's creation.

This one is my favorite.  I love the detail.  Isn't it amazing to see those perfectly round droplets of water?  I mean, c'mon. How cool is that?  I think I may need to frame this one.


  1. I really love the 1st and 3rd picture where you can see the reflection in the bigger drop! Very cool! I'm glad you were able to capture these!