Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Katie's Wedding Shower

On a surprisingly warm and sunny Saturday, we celebrated a beautiful bride who is one of my best friends.  The maid of honor (also the bride's sister) picked an amazing venue for the shower.  Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, it's also great for photos taking.

Here are all the bridesmaids.  We started the day by showing up early to decorate and lay out of the food.

Yeah, this is totally normal. 

The shower itself wasn't a surprise, but the venue was.  So Katie's mom blindfolded her for the ride and the walk up to the door.  Katie's eyes had a hard time adjusting to the bright sun and the snow, but once they did she was very excited.  And so were we!

Here are a few more photos from our little shindig.

Because the barn was already so gorgeous and had lights everywhere, we only needed a few decorations.  We decorated the table and hung this banner.

Aside from bringing drinks, this banner was my only job.  #bridesmaidfail.  Allow me to explain - I made this banner several weeks before the shower.  Once I made each letter, I laid them all out to make sure it actually spelled "he asked, she said yes".  I knew I had every letter.  I didn't string it all together because it would be hard to transport and I didn't know where it would be hanging.

Kristin and Christine were putting together the banner that morning and asked me if I had forgotten to give them a few letters.  Ah!  Two S's were missing.  So it would have read "he asked, she aid ye".  Ah!  Panic.  Panic.  Panic.  I immediately went into panic mode.  It was my one job!  How did I mess this up?

Thankfully, Kristin is calm under pressure.  She managed to make two S's in time for the shower.  Bridesmaid crisis averted.  You couldn't even tell.  Phew.

Randomly - still haven't found the two missing S's.  I'll probably find them in a couple of months in some weird place.  When I do, I will crumple them with joy for giving me so much stress.

I love this photo of Katie, Andy and Andy's mom, Beth.  I love that showers are a great excuse to pose for photos with everyone you know.

Like your Nana.

And a close friend.

And a bridesmaid.

And your mom.

And your aunts.

I love these wonderful people and I can't wait to celebrate their wedding.  Love you Kate and Andy!

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