Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Present Time

After our Christmas Eve breakfast, we headed to Char and Frank's house to open present with their kiddos.  The adults open presents after the kids are tucked into bed.

No, I didn't turn this sideways.  This is what happens when you tickle Cameron.

When I was going through all of my photos, I got to this one and thought "Was he upset?"  And then I remembered, Mom was helping Cameron keep his eyes closed for the big present reveal.  It's hard to wrap a kitchen.

This photo is one of my favorites.  Look at his face.  The excitement is written in those dimples. 

I think he was excited.  I didn't get any photos of the first time he played with it because I was too busy taking video.  But let's just say it was a sight to see.  

Hannah is also a huge fan of the kitchen.

Esther got this little bike for Hannah.  When she's old enough, you can change it from a 3 wheeler to a 2 wheeler.  It's a big hit.

We were strictly instructed to give Cam one present, so I wanted my one present to be awesome.  This boy loves puzzles, so I got him a puzzle.  Except instead of being a Thomas or TMNT puzzle, this puzzle had a picture of Cameron and his mama on it.  It's the picture of Cam, Char and the gorilla from our trip to the zoo in April.  He liked it :)

Also, I totally found a way around that "one present" rule - it's called stocking stuffers.

Char and Frank only had time to get one part of the kitchen together.  So we helped them put the top piece and the table and chairs together.  Yes, putting together Ikea furniture as a family is something I would highly recommend.  Ha, right.

Hannah was not impressed with Est and Dad's performance, so she took over.

They had a wonderful time with their kitchen and table.  It was really fun to be there as they got their big gift from their grandma and grandpa, but my favorite part was what came after that.

Char sends us pictures of the kids playing and it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Seeing a kid's imagination at work is one of the best things.

After the kids were put to bed, it was time for the adults to open presents.

And time for Charlie to spend an entire evening begging for food.

She was not very successful, but there were a few close calls.

One of Esther's favorite presents was a toy that she used to play with when she was little.  Now Hannah can play with it when she visits Esther.

Once Dad was done with his meal, Charlie moved on to her next victim.  Frank is not easily swayed and Charlie earned nothing for all of her hard work.

Did you see the Christmas sales at Target?  Holy moly.  I scored so many great deals.  I hit their 70% off sale (twice) and added 2 more rubbermaid containers worth of decorations to my stash.  Then I hit Bed, Bath and Beyond's 50% off sale and added a few more things.  Then I hit Anthro's 50% off sale and added a sweet tree and some garland to my stash.  Lastly, I hit Target's 90% off sale and added a few more things!  Seriously, the sales were amazing.  And then (last one, I promise) we moved Esther's things from her storage unit to her house and I found a box of my Christmas decorations!

My current stash: 6 large bins, 1 large white tree and 2 small white trees.  Next year, I am going to get another white tree for my dining room.  Yes, I love white Christmas decorations.  It works with every color and is light and bright.  Just ask the guy who delivered pizza to my house - "Woa.  That tree is so bright."

December is 11 short months away.  Let's do this!

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