Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas in Philly

Our somewhat annual trip to Philly was so much fun this year.  We missed it last year because of busy schedules, but we weren't going to miss it again.  We opted out of bringing Hannah because she's still in the hard-to-handle stage and we wanted Char to have a good time.  No offense, Han.  We love ya girl, but you're pretty high maintenance right now.

This picture is from our trip 2 years ago.  What a difference!

We had a really nice day for our trip.  It was unseasonably warm for this time of year.  It was right between "do I even need a jacket?" and "where's my scarf? I'm freezing".

Cam loved walking the steps of the art museum.  I think we've brainwashed him into thinking climbing 77 steps is fun.  Nonetheless, he was really looking forward to it.

We had to take this photo several times.  I put my camera on the timer setting and it took 10 photos in a row.  The first batch was perfect.  We took a second batch for some reason - all of which were ruined by the runners going up the steps.  This photo shows the moment the guy realized he was having his picture taken and the moment the girl realized she'd just run up 77 steps.

No idea what's happening here, I just know I love it.

 Then we headed for Macy's to see the light show.  Cam had the best seat in the house.  I need to bring a stroller for me next time.  Watching the show gives me a crick in my neck.

We had lunch at a great mexican restaurant in the city.  The food was delicious and there was a photo booth.  We tried to squeeze all of us into the photos, but it mostly ended up being Cam's face.

This photo and the next two were taken on the top floor of Anthro.  Cam and I were having fun looking out the window at the cars and people.  I love the way the light is coming from below and it's so soft.


We had a really fun day and I snagged some super awesome Christmas stuff on sale at Anthro.

Can't wait until next year when Hannah gets to come along!

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