Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Eve Breakfast at Shady

One of our newest (and one of my favorite) traditions has been to join our close friends at our favorite smorgasbord for breakfast on Christmas Eve.  You saw the video in last week's post and here are the photos.

Hannah's big smile is always the cutest thing.  The thing I love most about this photo is that everyone from our group was sitting at the table - so who is Hannah smiling at?

The answer to "Where's Hannah's nose?"

One word: eyelashes.

This photo and the next four photos were taken by Luke.  I love them.  It's so fun to see the world through his eyes.

The camera was set to take 10 photos - we made three attempts to get a good photo of all of us.  Out of 30 photos, I have two good ones.  This is a tough crowd, people.

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