Monday, January 6, 2014

A Chilly Evening

A few days ago, I told you about my new years resolutions.  The next night, we got a major snow storm.  An 8-inch, crazy cold, never leaving the house again snow storm.  I loved every second of it.  That is, until I had to shovel.

My gut told me this would be a great time to get started on one of my resolutions - spending more time with my camera.

So, while Charlie whined and pleaded to tag along, I put on every piece of winter gear that I own, attached the camera to the tripod, put a plastic bag over the camera (it was still snowing) and headed outside.

When I said "every piece of winter gear that I own", well, that was minus the gloves.  I wanted to have better control of the camera, so I left my gloves inside.  Boy, was that a mistake.  It was 10 degrees outside.  I've never seen my fingers as red as they were when I got back in the house.  Dumb, dumb decision.

This was my first attempt at night time, tripod photography.  Maybe it was the no-gloves-freezing-fingers thing, but I found it difficult to be "artistic" with anything.  The tripod is very restricting.  It was hard to get creative.

Thankfully, snow is incredibly gorgeous so there's not much I had to do other than push the shutter button.

There's something about seeing my home covered in snow that makes me feel so warm and cozy inside.  It really feels like a home.   It helps that you can't see how awful my yard looks.  I am sort of hoping the snow never melts.

You'll be seeing this view a lot in the coming year.  I plan to get a lot of shots of this view.  It's my favorite.  I drive down this road to work every morning and I enjoy it every single time.

I feel incredibly blessed to have a home and neighborhood that I love.  This has been a great start to 2014.

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