Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Boy and My Brain

These photos of Cam are from November.  They are from a practice session I did to get used to the camera at work.  I finally got around to going through them so I thought I'd share them here.

Just a heads up, this post is going to be sort of scatterbrained.  Let's look at every photo as a new post, because that is where my brain is at right now.  

Wednesday was a good day.  I spent the day at a video shoot for a product install movie.  It's technical, slow, tedious and technical.  Strangely, I loved it.  I guess that's why I do what I do.  The engineer side of my brain and the creative side of my brain are both challenged at this job of mine.  While it can be tiring (I fell asleep on the couch at 6:30), it is also very fun.

Wednesday night, I watched American Idol for the first time since the Clay Aiken season in 2003. Three words: Harry Connick Jr.  I love him.  I love him as an actor.  I love him as a singer.  I love him as a musician.  So they hooked me with Harry.

Can I just tell you, I was a little bored.  Is it normally that slow?  You would never have known it was the season opener.  The Voice is definitely still my favorite.  But I'll tell you what.  Harry Connick Jr. did not disappoint.  He was as charming and sweet as ever.

Some small part of me is starting to believe the creative part of my brain has died or at least gone on vacation.  I haven't done a single thing to my house in weeks.  There have been a few attempts (ending in failure) but for the most part, I've got nothing. Does that ever happen to you?  Do you just lose the drive?  I'm not quite sure how to kick start the creativity again, but hopefully it will happen soon.  I miss being productive.

Now I feel guilty about not cleaning the house when before I had an excellent excuse - I was busy doing fun stuff.

Last weekend I was gone from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.  It was very cold here on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were nice(ish).  When I pulled into the garage, I heard a really strange noise.  It sounded like it was coming from the backyard so I headed for the door.  Then, all of a sudden, I'm getting wet!  I look down to see a burst pipe spewing water!  That explains the strange noise I heard.  It must have been going all weekend because Friday was the only day cold enough to burst it.

I ran in the house, turned off the water and then called my dad.  Via FaceTime and photos, I managed to shut off the water to the garage, but keep the water flowing in the house. If that is my first home crisis, I think I got off pretty easy.  I am so thankful the burst pipe wasn't in the house!

Owning a home has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  So far, I have remembered to pay all of my bills on time and keep up with chores and responsibilities around the house (even the ones I don't like).  I still worry about something huge/expensive happening, but I feel like I'm in a really good place right now.  This house has been such a blessing.

I don't know about you, but I am so excited that my shows are back on.  I do not love their winter break.  It's so nice to spend my evenings with Oliva, Neil, Nick, Temperance, Jess, Schmidt and so many others.  I love me some good TV.

Ok, enough with the scatterbrained posts, let's get back to Cam.  This is one of my favorite photos from the day.  He was counting.  I love the concentration in this photo.

This is a strange photo, but it's been on my desktop since November.  That face.  That smile.  Those eyes.  They kill me.  He's not doing anything in particular or special, he's just being Cam.

There's a Jack Johnson song called "You Remind Me of You" that's incredibly sweet and makes me smile.  In a commentary he explains where the song came from - as kids start to show their personalities they remind you of yourself or people you know, "but in other ways there's never been a person in the world like them".  This boy is so special and I love to see him grow and change.  I'm glad he let's me follow him around his world with a camera.

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