Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My December

This December is quickly filling up with great moments. Here is my December, in iPhone photos.

Disclaimer - I'm writing this on my iPhone while watching The Voice finale. I apologize in advance for all the typos you are about to encounter. 

December started with some yard work. My entire backyard was one big pile of leaves. I borrowed a leaf mulcher form Esther and got to work. 

After an hour and a half of mulching, all that remained was one pile of wet leaves...

And three very heavy bags of chopped up leaves. Charlie was upset when she discovered all the leaves were gone for reasons that shall remained unnamed. 

Christmas decorations went up and all of a sudden, it was Christmas. This season is my fave. 

Charlie and I spend our quality time on the couch and she always looks adorable. Me, on the other hand, well I wouldn't use the word "adorable" to describe my lounging, post-work self.  

Charlie got groomed, but not trimmed.  Though I think it's important that she keep all of her hair for winter, that did not stop us from making fun of this big fluff ball.  While the bulk of her hair was left untouched, her head was all trimmed up - resulting in a tiny head and a huge body. 

I got a visit from this big guy. I keep crayons in my desk for just such an occasion and he knows exactly where they are. 

I made a sweet triangle garland for my Christmas tree. As I was putting it on the tree, it tangled, I tried to untangle it, I couldn't, I got mad, then madder, and somehow my garland ended up in pieces in the trash. I don't remember what happened - I think I blacked out. 

We got our first snow and I realized I didn't own a shovel. Thankfully I found one in my garage. #crisisaverted

Charlie and I cuddled. I sort of thought the world had stopped because she cuddled for so long. It's something we are doing more lately and I love it. Though, I must admit, I'm always ready for it to be over. I can't sit still that long. 

We got our second snow and I realized shoveling wasn't so bad. 

Charlie loved watching the snow fall on that beautiful day. 

I enjoyed watching her be so cute. 

We got our third snow/ice and I realized shoveling was exhausting.  I was oh so thankful for my garage - though I did not enjoy having to shovel myself out three times because I kept getting plowed in. 

I always hang my car keys on the center hook. I searched my entire house when I saw they weren't there. All I would have had to do was check the hook to the left. Routines are important.

This guy and I spent some quality time watching a movie. I don't remember what it was because I was watching with my eyes closed. 

Cuddling with this girl is one of my favorite things. Ever. In the whole world.

Even if she does drool on me. 

Esther and I had our annual wrap party. Esther has been saving up gifts for months - she had a lot of wrapping to do. 

And finally, tonight we are curled up on the couch watching The Voice finale (and I did not love the results). 
December has been awesome and we're only a couple of weeks in. Thursday we are taking Cam to a Christmas Village. We've also got a family party coming up, our Philly day trip and let's not forget Christmas! 

I hope your holiday has been merry and bright! 

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  1. As always, so many great pictures. But one of my favorite is the tree all lit up with the room lights off. Soooo pretty. I love evening when you can light up your room just with the lights on the Christmas tree.