Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas is the best and it's almost here.  Life has been busy busy busy and I'm loving it.  Of course, I procrastinated in making my Christmas cards.  They arrived Thursday and I spent my night addressing envelopes so I could send them out before Christmas!

I love this picture of my pup and me.  It feels weird to send a card with my face on it, but I try to think about it in reverse.  If I got a card from a friend, I would want it to have their face on it.  And even though that makes sense to me, I still feel weird.  Whatevs.

Charlie's face in this photo makes me laugh.  She was so done with picture taking before we even started.

During our snowstorm a few weeks ago, I worked from home because the roads were awful.  During lunch, I set up our little shoot.  I put the camera on my tripod, put a plastic bag over the camera, grabbed the remote and let Charlie wander around the yard while I got the settings right.

I knew I wanted to put text over the photo, so I left plenty of room at the top of the photo.  I started with the camera farther away from me, but I didn't like the results.  My coat looks weird and the snow on the ledge is not super pretty.

So I moved the camera closer and tried again.  I liked this set up much better.   I was worried you wouldn't be able to tell it was snowing when we took the photo, but the snow in Charlie's paws and my hair took care of that.

Her coat is seriously adorable and I love it.  So I made her wear it for photo taking.  Also, it was snowing and when she wears a coat I have less work to do when I bring her inside.   I wish you could see more of it in this photo, but oh well.

 As you can see, it's not easy to get this dog to make eye contact with the camera.  

Hey, if she gets to cause problems then so do I.

In the 39 pictures I took, I was able to find one that I liked.

Merry Christmas, folks!  I hope you have a wonderful and happy holiday.  See you back here after New Years!

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  1. That's a great picture of you and your little girl. Merry Christmas!!!