Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Paint Colors

A few weeks ago, someone asked me what paint color I used in the living room.  I couldn't remember and it took me awhile to find the paint chips.  The best way to remember something that you always forget?  Post about it.  That way you and I can always find the information when I forget it.

The living room paint color is Silver Spoon by Olympic (D31-2).  It's a wonderful gray and by far my favorite color in my house.   This photo is very realistic to what the paint looks like in natural light. That doesn't often happen, but this one is right on.

Here are some more photos:

The color in the dining room is Gray Marble by Olympic (D31-3).  It's one shade darker than the living room.  It's s little lighter in these photos than it is in real life.  It's a really nice gray that's not too brown or too blue.  

Here are a few more photos:

The color in my kitchen is Gray Beard by Olympic (D31-1).  It's one shade lighter than the living room and it's not my favorite gray.  It's so light that it's hard to tell the kitchen is actually painted!  I don't plan on repainting it, though.  Despite the amount of windows in the kitchen, it's actually pretty dark in there, so a light color is perfect for this space.

Here are some more photos:

ps. these are way old. The kitchen is a lot cleaner and I have new countertops now.

The craft room and the bedroom have the same paint color.  It's a color I've been using for a long time - Gray Ghost by Olympic (D17A).  I've used it in many rooms - you can see it here and here and here.

This color was perfect for those rooms, but I'm not loving it in my new home.  It looks a lot more taupe-y than I prefer.  Some days, it looks down right brown.  Not loving it.  Like I said, perfect for the other rooms, not perfect in my new home.

Here are a few more photos:

The blue in the bathroom is Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Blue by Valspar.  It's the only color on any of my walls.  That's probably because it's got the least amount of wall space.  I like my spaces light and bright, so bold colors aren't my favorite thing, but it's perfect in the bathroom.

It looks a little too blue in this photo - the next photo shows what it actually looks like in person -

Well, that about wraps it up!  Now you know the paint colors and now I can't forget them!

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