Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Little Light

It always surprises me that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.  It may not be much to anyone else, but for me, it's a big difference.

For example, this little, insignificant hanging light may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's made all the difference for me.

It was the simplest of projects.  The metal piece around the lightbulb is from a paper lantern.  It made sure the light bulb and the lantern didn't make contact.  I spray painted it neon pink and hung it on it's own.

These materials have been ready to be hung since my 3rd week living at my house.  Every thing has just been sitting in the craft room taking up space.  One important piece of the puzzle was missing - my drill.  Somewhere along the way of moving in and renovating the house I lost my drill.  I have no idea where it is.

My dad so wonderfully gave me his old drill and he helped me pick out a good set of drill bits.  Once I had the tools, it was time for hanging.

I'm paranoid about these plaster walls.  I am always worried about hanging things from these walls.  The plaster just crumbles!  For a girl who grew up with drywall, plaster is a whole new dynamic.

To counteract my paranoia, I used this versa hook to hang my light.   It can hold up to 35 lbs, so I think my little light is safe.

Someday, I like to pair this light with another one.  It's a little small and lonely at the moment, but it's perfect.  It adds a lot of light to the room.

I've always hated overhead lights.  They remind me of prison lights.  When the daylight is gone, I use lamps to light my house.  Adding a second light to my craft room has made all the difference.

December 21st is the shortest day of the year.  On December 22nd, the days start getting longer.  I miss the sun in the evenings, so I am very anxiously awaiting Decebmer 21st.

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