Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Geometric Ornaments

Christmas is still 2 months away, but my brain is already on Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.  Is today too early to start decorating for Christmas?  My head says yes, but my heart says NO!  I love Christmas.  I love how my home feels at Christmas.  In a nutshell, I'm stoked.

Since I can't decorate yet, I've decided to start preparing by making ornaments and decorations.  I have a whole house to decorate now!

Again, using what I have on hand, I thought I'd make some ornaments using paper straws.  I bought these birch paper straws from Paper Source many weeks ago.  I used them at my dinner party, but other than that, they've just been sitting around.

Using these geometric sculptures as my inspiration, I started making small geometric ornaments.

The materials are simple: white string, straws and a paper clip.

They are actually really simple to make.  Decide on the shape you want, cut the straws to the right size and start threading.

I made myself a makeshift needle using a paper clip.  It was getting hard to thread the string through by just pushing it, so I tied one end to the paper clip.  It worked great.

When the ornament was finished, I made sure both ends of the string finished in the same spot.  I tied the two together to hold everything in place and then used the same two ends to create the loop for hanging.

I really like how they turned out and I'm definitely planning on making some more.  It's a perfect project to do during the next episode of The Blacklist (my new favorite show).  Do you watch that show?  It's amazing.  You need to watch it.  Go watch it now - and don't forget to take your string and paper straws!

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