Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Brass Corners

Gold is my new favorite thing.  I've been trying to bring a little bit of gold into every room in my home. Today's little project added some more gold to my bathroom.

DIY brass corners are all over Pinterest these days.  There are so many great ideas out there.  People are using painted tape, gold leaf and spray paint.  My favorite option was the painted tape. That way, when you are sick of it, the tape peels off and your frame is left unharmed.

I don't have any gold spray paint, but what I do have is gold vinyl.  It was the perfect solution for me.  I'm able to get the look I want, but it's not permanent.

Is anyone else noticing that I have problems committing to home projects?  Anyway...

Measuring things has never been my strong suit.  Something always ends up going wrong, but this time was the exception.  My measurements were right on.  Hurray!

Only a few measurements were needed to make this - the width of the face of the frame (0.75"), how far i wanted the gold to extend from the corners (3") and the depth of the frame (a tad less than 1").

Using those measurements, I made a series of rectangles in my Silhouette software.  After lining them up, I welded them together to create one shape.

One piece for each corner - so I cut four corners.

Next came the fun (and surprisingly easy) part.  I lined up the vinyl on the face of the frame.  I used the corner as a guide and it went on so smoothly.  Plus, if it was crooked, I just peeled it off and tried again.  It was a pleasant surprise to not have to struggle with this.

Then I smoothed down the vinyl on the edges of the frame.  You can see I have a tad extra on the bottom.  I did that on purpose so I could fold it under and have a clean edge.

The result is just what I had hoped for and I'm loving it.   It helps to bring out the gold in the vanity knobs and in the artwork.

All totaled, this project took me about 20 minutes (including taking photos).  And it's another free project.  I didn't need to purchase anything!  Hurray!  Lately, it's been my goal to do projects with what I have on hand.  So far so good!

While we're in the bathroom, I thought I'd show you another small improvement I've made.  I added these hooks to the bathroom and they have been wonderful.  I love that they fold up when they aren't in use.  It makes the bathroom look a little cleaner and I'm all for it.

When I bought this gold vinyl several weeks ago, I figured it would last me a long time.  It's going fast, folks!  I'm already trying to figure out another way to use it.

The only thing that could mess up this project is the steam from hot showers.  I don't think anything will go wrong, but only time will tell!


  1. Love this look...and want those hooks!

  2. Hi Ginny, i found your blog from googling DIY brass corners :) These look great! I'm considering doing something similar to my Ribba frames. Also, I was wondering where you got that grace not perfection print? Love it!

    1. Hi Jenna, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the hooks - they will look awesome on ribba frames!! The grace not perfection print is from She has a lot of great prints! Have a great weekend! -Virginia