Friday, November 8, 2013

Dinner Party Favors

Party favors are tough.  It's hard to please a lot of people and give them something they want to keep.  After a few Pinterest searches, I came upon these cookie cutters and knew they would be perfect for the girls.

I was pretty sure the guys wouldn't be interested in cookie cutters, so I got them a little lego sets that I found on sale at Target.  I think the guys liked their favors more than the girls.

Each person had their name on their cup and their favor.  The cups were used before we sat down to dinner, so it was good to have the favors still on the table so everyone knew where to sit.

The boxes were super simple to make.  I bought this box design from the silhouette store and sized it to 3 inches.  The tag was also a silhouette purchase.  The only thing I had to leave the house to purchase was the paper from Joann Fabrics.  When I knew I wanted to make little boxes, I started digging around my paper supply.  Not being happy with anything I found, Charlie and I made a quick run to the store.  It was worth the trip!

First step was to cut the box using my silhouette machine.  Next, I glued the tabs together on the top and bottom pieces using stick glue.  Instead of having to hold it until it was dry, I used clothes pins.  Once it dried, I put the cookie cutter or legos inside, put the top on and tied it together with bakers twine.  Last, I added the tag.  The tag has washi tape on it to add some color.

They turned out really nice.  Simple, but cute - the perfect combination.


  1. Beautiful table and great ideas!! And aren't you glad you had a dishwasher when it was all over?!!!

  2. That is a super cute idea! It is so nice once your visitor gets to sit on their place and they will see that they already have that box on it. I totally love this idea. Thanks for sharing this!