Monday, November 11, 2013

Dinner Party Decorations

The table setting for our dinner party was so fun to do, but this wasn't the only decorating I did for the party.

Pinterest is full of great, inexpensive ideas and I took full advantage of that.

(Side note - You might be wondering why I still don't have light switch covers.  Since I have blank spaces, I have to get special covers.  They aren't easy to find.)

Back to the decorations...
These tissue paper flowers were inspired by this photo that I saw on Pinterest.  I wrapped the tissue paper around some dowels I had leftover from a previous project and finished it off with washi tape.

This was another simple little DIY project.  

During one of my evening walks with Charlie, I collected a few fallen branches.  Between trick-or-treaters, I painted the branches white.  Spray paint would have been much faster, but I didn't have any, so I just brushed it on.  It would look better with more branches, but I ran out of paint. 

The tissue tassels were easy to make, so I made a lot.  I really wanted to put some in the living room as well as the dining room.  I wanted the party to feel special, but not over the top.  Adding a few decorations here and there helped to make my home feel dressed up a little and I liked that.

There are a lot of tutorials on pinterest for the tassels - the one I found said to use a hot glue gun to secure the twist at the top.  I'm not a big fan of glue guns, so I used washi tape instead.

Add this to the "wonderfully simple and cheap project" list.  It's been the theme of my projects lately.  I try to use what I have on hand and not spend a lot of extra money.  Not gonna lie, it's not easy - it's always fun to buy new supplies, even though it's not always frugal.

For all the decorations at the party (cups, favors, tassels, flowers, placemats, branches), I only purchased a pack of tissue paper and the paper for the favor boxes.  All totaled, I spent about $13.  Most of that goes to the large pack of tissue paper I bought.  There's a ton of that leftover, so I would guess I spent around $7.

Decorating for this party was really fun.  I need to schedule another one!  Plus, it's also my only great motivation to clean!

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  1. Are there instructions for the tassles? I love it and it looks like I can assume, but.... :)