Monday, November 25, 2013

Coloring with Grandma

Family time in Mom and Dad's new kitchen has been wonderful.  We all fit, there are multiple places to sit and now we bump into each other just for old times' sake.

 Plus, with so much storage, Mom has plenty of room to keep some art supplies close at hand.  We had a nice little coloring session at the island the other day.

This little lady is getting very big and very silly.

We attempted to take a picture of both of them.  It sort of worked.  They are both in the photo, but Hannah seemed to think her crayons were the star of the show.

Coloring with several crayons at the same time is very fun - as you can see from the look on Cam's face.

This stool always turns into a seat.  Hannah is obviously very proud of herself.  This reminds me of a few other photos I have...

december 2011

The stool makes an excellent place to keep an eye on your mama while she makes dinner.

Oh my goodness.  Look at those little knuckle dimples.  Can anything be cuter than that?  The answer is no.

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