Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Applesauce Day 2013

Applesauce Day always begins early in the morning, much earlier than I'd prefer.

People start trickling down to the house and we all slowly begin to wake up.

We wake up pretty slowly around here.

But things get weird pretty quickly.

And then the fun begins.

This faucet got a lot of attention throughout the day.  It's a touch faucet from Delta.  To be specific, it's the Addison touch faucet (the prep faucet version).  My parents have the matching standard size faucet at the main sink.

The kids love this faucet (and so do the adults).  The touch feature is perfect for everyday use, but it was particularly perfect for these activities.  Applesauce making is a sticky process and being able to turn the water on/off with an elbow or wrist is great.

When the first pot goes on the stove, it's an exciting moment for all of us - it signals that things are finally getting started.

There's no dress code, but Leia likes to elevate the festivities.

It still boggles my mind that this process is so simple.  Steam apples, smash apples, done.

We filled the stove and when that was full, we filled both ovens.  We had to talk Mom and Dad into getting a double oven and I have a feeling they don't regret it.  These ovens will also get a workout at Thanksgiving.

This day is fun for some many reasons, buy my favorite is getting to spend time with friends and family.

Hey! It's the first batch of applesauce!

Mom and Dad's kitchen addition has been amazing and Applesauce Day put it to the test.  We had 17 people in this kitchen and we didn't once feel crowded.  Plus, we didn't have to do anything in the garage.  It was great to have everything happening in the same space.

We really love these Addison touch faucets.  Dad and I both agree that they have us completely spoiled.  Now we want all of our faucets to be touch faucets.  Plus, they are really pretty.  

Shananigans and these kids go together like ice cream and cake.

Once Hannah woke up from her nap, we gathered all the kids to take photo with the first bag of applesauce.  Cam was feeling shy, so I snapped the photo while he hid under a lawn chair.

The cuteness level of the day went way up when this girly woke up.

Applesauce making keeps ups busy, but there's always time for a little ballet.

Shananigans aren't only for the kids.

I love this baby.  She is getting so big and so is her personality!

She's such a big goof.

I know I posted these next two photos a few weeks ago, but I'm posting them again because I just love them.

Applesauce Day 2013 was our longest one to date.

It ran from 9-6 and we ended up with 122 bags of applesauce.  One of the funniest things from the day is labeling the bags.  The kids love this.  Along with writing the date on the bag, they draw pictures and write notes.  I had bag #110 and the notes said "Mom just sat down next to me."  Mel had bag #8 and it said "Luke is better than Ginner".  You never know what you're going to get.

I love this tradition.

Disclaimer: The faucet was provided by Delta Faucet.  All opinions are my own...and my dad's and mom's and family's and my friend's...in short, we love it.

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