Monday, November 4, 2013

Apple Picking

Applesauce Day happened a month ago and I finally got around to going through the photos.  Let's start with apple picking.

Our Applesauce Day adventures always start with a trip to our local orchard to get bushels and bushels of apples - 12 bushels to be exact.

We also pick up a few pumpkins.  Depending on our energy level after making applesauce, we sometimes carve pumpkins.  Cam picked the first pumpkin he saw and the second and the third and the fourth...

It's hard to say no to that kid, but we had no use for 20 pumpkins, so the pumpkin picking had to come to an end.

Apple picking is a good time and with these kids things always get a little silly.

We took the apples, pumpkins and kids home to rest up for the next day of applesauce making.  More on that tomorrow!

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