Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year.  Here's the short list:

– faith
– family
– friends
– charlie
– my house
– my job

Today I am most thankful for a full family Thanksgiving.  This is the first time since 2010 that we've all been together for Thanksgiving.

Esther got home yesterday and she's home for good.  We couldn't be happier.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'll see you back here on Monday with a fun little DIY.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Little Light

It always surprises me that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.  It may not be much to anyone else, but for me, it's a big difference.

For example, this little, insignificant hanging light may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's made all the difference for me.

It was the simplest of projects.  The metal piece around the lightbulb is from a paper lantern.  It made sure the light bulb and the lantern didn't make contact.  I spray painted it neon pink and hung it on it's own.

These materials have been ready to be hung since my 3rd week living at my house.  Every thing has just been sitting in the craft room taking up space.  One important piece of the puzzle was missing - my drill.  Somewhere along the way of moving in and renovating the house I lost my drill.  I have no idea where it is.

My dad so wonderfully gave me his old drill and he helped me pick out a good set of drill bits.  Once I had the tools, it was time for hanging.

I'm paranoid about these plaster walls.  I am always worried about hanging things from these walls.  The plaster just crumbles!  For a girl who grew up with drywall, plaster is a whole new dynamic.

To counteract my paranoia, I used this versa hook to hang my light.   It can hold up to 35 lbs, so I think my little light is safe.

Someday, I like to pair this light with another one.  It's a little small and lonely at the moment, but it's perfect.  It adds a lot of light to the room.

I've always hated overhead lights.  They remind me of prison lights.  When the daylight is gone, I use lamps to light my house.  Adding a second light to my craft room has made all the difference.

December 21st is the shortest day of the year.  On December 22nd, the days start getting longer.  I miss the sun in the evenings, so I am very anxiously awaiting Decebmer 21st.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Frames are All Hung

It's done.  It's finally done.  All the frames that were ready for hanging have been hung.  I'm in a state of disbelief.  It can't really be done, can it?  Is it possible that I'm really done?  I keep waiting to find that one frame that I missed.

It's like when you get the dishwasher loaded and have finally finished the hand dishes...and then you find that one cup that you missed.  Or, after a day of doing laundry, you find a sock under your bed.  I keep waiting to find that one frame that I missed.

This wall was really giving me a headache.  Do I hang frames so they are centered above the chair?  Or do I center them on the wall?  That dilemma is why this was has been empty for so long.  So finally, I just went for it.

I grabbed all of my remaining frames, arranged them on the floor to create a long line of frames to span the width of the wall.   After laying everything out, I grabbed the middle frame and started hanging.  I should have taken a picture of it with my phone before picking the frames up off the floor.  As soon as I picked it up, I forget where it was in the order.  Thankfully, each frame had left an indent in my carpet.  I MacGyvered my way out of that potential mess.

Now I really want to watch MacGyver.

Having all the frames hung up is nice.  I'm still not sure I chose the right option for how to hang everything, but whatevs.  It works for me.

Charlie is never sure what to do when I'm hanging out on the stairs.  She doesn't know whether to get comfortable upstairs or downstairs.  Her life is full of troubling dilemma's like this.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Coloring with Grandma

Family time in Mom and Dad's new kitchen has been wonderful.  We all fit, there are multiple places to sit and now we bump into each other just for old times' sake.

 Plus, with so much storage, Mom has plenty of room to keep some art supplies close at hand.  We had a nice little coloring session at the island the other day.

This little lady is getting very big and very silly.

We attempted to take a picture of both of them.  It sort of worked.  They are both in the photo, but Hannah seemed to think her crayons were the star of the show.

Coloring with several crayons at the same time is very fun - as you can see from the look on Cam's face.

This stool always turns into a seat.  Hannah is obviously very proud of herself.  This reminds me of a few other photos I have...

december 2011

The stool makes an excellent place to keep an eye on your mama while she makes dinner.

Oh my goodness.  Look at those little knuckle dimples.  Can anything be cuter than that?  The answer is no.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Terrain Event

When Charlotte sent me a link to a Terrain event my first thought was "sign me up!"  We are very fortunate to live only an hour from one of the two Terrain locations, so we made a girls night of it.

Terrain is a charming store.  It's full of pieces you will never find anywhere else.  I love it.

We had never been to one of their events, so we had no idea what to expect.  Boy were we pleasantly surprised!  It was wonderful.  The event was Cocktails and Crafts with Sweet Paul.   The cocktails were the delicious and the crafts were so much fun!  Plus, it was fun to get out of the house and hang out with my sister.

Isn't the space so warm and wonderful?

Oh c'mon, Char - you knew I was going to post this photo.

This was our attempt at a sister selfie.  I dropped my phone about a week ago and shattered the screen, but hadn't gotten it fixed yet.  The back camera was unharmed and the phone still works, but there were cracks running right over top the front camera.  Oh well, you can still see us!

We had a good time and we can't wait to go with Esther when she gets home! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Beach Vacation Video

Alternate title - Cam and Hannah at the Beach.

It may have taken me a few months, but I finally finished the video of our beach vacation.  I tried to keep it short and sweet, but it's not easy with these adorable little kids around.

It was a really nice trip.  It was actually a little blessing to have put this together so many months after we were there.  I got to relive our little vacation and enjoy those moments. Like that little scene at the end with Frank and Cam.  They buried the ball together and then Cam closed his eyes while Frank smoothed out the sand.  When Cam opened his eyes to find the ball it took him three or four tries to actually find it - even though he had just seen where Frank buried it.

My favorite part of this video is watching Cam jump over the incoming waves - mostly because he's terrible at it.  His timing is so off and it's so stinking adorable.

It's also funny to see how much Hannah has changed since this vacation - she's not a little pudgy baby anymore (well, she sort of is).  She's really growing up.

I hope you enjoyed it!  I really enjoyed making it :)  Now I just need to find a cute song to use for Hannah's birthday video and then I'll be halfway caught up!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Paint Colors

A few weeks ago, someone asked me what paint color I used in the living room.  I couldn't remember and it took me awhile to find the paint chips.  The best way to remember something that you always forget?  Post about it.  That way you and I can always find the information when I forget it.

The living room paint color is Silver Spoon by Olympic (D31-2).  It's a wonderful gray and by far my favorite color in my house.   This photo is very realistic to what the paint looks like in natural light. That doesn't often happen, but this one is right on.

Here are some more photos:

The color in the dining room is Gray Marble by Olympic (D31-3).  It's one shade darker than the living room.  It's s little lighter in these photos than it is in real life.  It's a really nice gray that's not too brown or too blue.  

Here are a few more photos:

The color in my kitchen is Gray Beard by Olympic (D31-1).  It's one shade lighter than the living room and it's not my favorite gray.  It's so light that it's hard to tell the kitchen is actually painted!  I don't plan on repainting it, though.  Despite the amount of windows in the kitchen, it's actually pretty dark in there, so a light color is perfect for this space.

Here are some more photos:

ps. these are way old. The kitchen is a lot cleaner and I have new countertops now.

The craft room and the bedroom have the same paint color.  It's a color I've been using for a long time - Gray Ghost by Olympic (D17A).  I've used it in many rooms - you can see it here and here and here.

This color was perfect for those rooms, but I'm not loving it in my new home.  It looks a lot more taupe-y than I prefer.  Some days, it looks down right brown.  Not loving it.  Like I said, perfect for the other rooms, not perfect in my new home.

Here are a few more photos:

The blue in the bathroom is Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Blue by Valspar.  It's the only color on any of my walls.  That's probably because it's got the least amount of wall space.  I like my spaces light and bright, so bold colors aren't my favorite thing, but it's perfect in the bathroom.

It looks a little too blue in this photo - the next photo shows what it actually looks like in person -

Well, that about wraps it up!  Now you know the paint colors and now I can't forget them!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Anthro Inspiration, Episode 6

Anthropologie never disappoints.  Their displays are incredible and the detail they put into everything is just wonderful.  

My boss and I had a meeting in Philly last week, so we browsed through Anthro looking for some inspiration and we found it at every turn.  

Now, while most of these displays are completely unusable in my home - some of their ideas/products are things I can do myself.

This "Holly Jolly" garland is awesome and is totally something I can do myself.

This photo is a little blurry, but you can see that each letter is embroidered onto fabric.  I love this project.  I really enjoy embroidery and this would be a good way to practice.  I'd need to pick a super short word though, I don't know when I'd have time to do this.  This season is already getting so packed (and I love it!).

These ornaments are super cute and definitely DIYable.

Each time I visit this store, my goal is to make a project inspired by something I see there.  I have a few ideas, now I just need to find the time.  Like I said, this season is packed already.  The busyness is really wonderful.  And it's going to get even better when Esther gets home.  I cannot wait.