Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Target Life

It's no secret that I love Target.  I love everything about it.  Going shopping at Target is like going on vacation.

Over the past several months, my job has required me to learn to shoot and edit movies.  Hey, you know, just going with the flow.  So now, I watch TV differently.  I analyze the commercials I watch so my skills will improve.  Target commercials have quickly become my favorites.

I'm so very obsessed with Target commercials. They are incredible and I love them. Not only do I love them, I've decided that I want to live in their commercials.

Here's a glimpse at my Target life.

Every time I go places with my friends, this happens.  Sometimes they just cannot contain themselves.  We're working on it (but we're not working very hard).  It can be problematic when they start arguing over who gets to come out of the fire place, but overall it's a pretty darn good time.

I have many famous friends.  Darth Vader is constantly asking me for fashion advice and Heidi is my BFF.  Vader and I are always trying to talk her into doing a Star Wars episode of Project Runway, but she's worried there would be too many Chewbacca inspired outfits.

Home remodeling projects are a breeze when I have my favorite music and a good friend to dance with.  it always starts off as a battle, but by the end we are perfectly in sync.

This is my niece.  She makes the flex arm hang fashionable and fun.  We picked out this outfit together on our last shopping trip.  I had to talk her into that belt, but it totally makes the outfit.

My aunt is a little crazy, but sometimes the difference between crazy and really-loves-christmas is a fine line.  She may be a little strange, but she gives the best gifts.

Every dinner party I have looks like this.  For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why this music started playing the second I began decorating for my dinner party.  Then I realized it was because I'm awesome and my parties have theme music.

And this is my husband.  He serenades me every night while I make dinner and then (here's the best part) he does the dishes... while wearing a tux.  It's like he's my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.

My Target life is totally fab.

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