Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dining Room Update

Having a dining room is something new to me.  We had an eat in kitchen at my parent's house and, until I moved out, I have never had a separate dining room.  It really is so wonderful.  I love that I can make dinner, leave the mess in the kitchen and enjoy my meal in a (mostly) clean room.   Let's be honest, I'm not really super tidy.

As I was cleaning the upstairs closet, I found the bin full of curtains.  Then, after digging around the pile in the basement, I found the curtain rods for the dining room windows.  Natural light is my favorite, but I also value privacy.  I hate when people can see into my house.  I just do.

Boy was I excited to discover that my old curtains (seen here and here) fit perfectly in my dining room.

I was thrilled to see that they were the perfect length.  There's nothing better than a free project.  Plus, now I get natural light and privacy at the same time.

My mirror found a home above my side table.  I am hoping to put white frames around it so that this wall will have the effect of behind dark on the bottom and white on top.  For now, I'm just happy that it hasn't fallen off the wall.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was using borrowed folding chairs as dining room seating.  It wasn't what I preferred, but it was a free seating option.  Chairs are one of those expensive items that drives me crazy (like rugs).  Why do they have to be so expensive?

After a trip to Ikea and sitting in every chair there, I came home with four of these. They are resonably priced and are very comfortable.

Part of the reason for picking these chairs is that they don't have very high backs.  I don't want the first thing you see in my dining room to be the chairs.  The color options are limited (white, red or birch).  White can look cheep and scratch easily, red is never going to happen, so birch it was.

There are a few occasions when I eat on the couch (like the blind auditions of The Voice), but 99% of the time I eat at the table.  It's nice to sit on a real chair during meals.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it makes a big difference.

The hutch has been a wonderful piece of furniture.  It's where I keep large serving dishes and Cameron's toys.  It's the first place he goes when he comes over.  Bonus - It used to belong to my Texas Grandma.  I love family pieces (like my great-grandma's chair).

Random story - Texas Grandma was our affectionate nickname for her because she lived in Texas.  We needed the distinction because we called both our grandmas "Grandma".  Conversations always went like this:

Mom: "Grandma is coming to visit."
Kids: "Which Grandma?"
Mom: "Texas Grandma."

Mom: "I talked to Grandma today."
Kids: "Which Grandma?"
Mom: "Texas Grandma."

So the nickname sort of just came about.  She hasn't lived in Texas for many years, but she's still Texas Grandma to me.

I painted the hutch several years ago and it's been my favorite piece of furniture ever since.  It's great for storage and displaying some of my favorite things.

The middle, open section of the hutch is where I display tea cups that I've gathered.  You can see the other two in the first picture up above.  My favorite tea cup is the flowery one on the right.  I love it.  It's so girly and delicate.

These tea cups came from my family.  We aren't sure which is which, but at some point my maternal great-grandma, maternal grandma and paternal grandma owned one of these tea cups.  I wish we knew which is which, but it's just cool to know that these probably belonged to some amazing women.

Hey Auntie Karen, since you have a crazy-good memory for this type of thing, do you remember any of these?

There are just a few things left to do in this room.  I need to get around to printing a photo for this frame.

I'm also planning to repaint the hutch.  For some reason, the paint never really dried.  Everything sticks to the paint and the doors/drawers are hard to open.  I'd like to switch things up - paint the hutch white and paint the inside a bold color.  It's one of the things on my to-do list, but it is practically at the bottom.

Last but not least, I need to hang these photos.  Some are empty frames, but most are ready to hang.  I just can't commit!  Ah!  Why is hanging photos so hard?

Hi.  My name is Ginner and I have a problem with commitment. 


  1. My tea cup memory-chip is out of order. I'll check with Texas Grandma today when I see her.

  2. Texas Grandma Report: She says the blue glass dish looks like one she used to have so thinks she gave you that. And the flowered tea cup and saucer she says was hers.

    1. yay! thanks so much for checking!! I'm so excited to know that she owned one of those tea cups (and it's my favorite!). Also, I bought the blue glass dish as a yard sale - BUT i bought it because it reminds me of Grandma's collection. I love her blue dishes! Thanks for asking her about the tea cups!!

    2. I wasn't sure that blue dish was from Grandma and she wasn't either. She had some like it. I remember those curtains in your apartment and it's amazing how perfectly they fit your windows. So nice when that happens. I hate picking out curtains but sure like them once I find some and they work!!!