Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Container Labels - Free Silhouette Download

A friend asked if I would want to host a tupperware party.  I had never hosted a party like this before and I was feeling a little hesitant.  In the end, I said yes because (aside from having fun at a party) it was good motivation to get my house in order.  In fact, the bathroom was painted the day before the party.

And in case you are wondering, yes, I did make those mini eclairs.  I did not buy them from Sam's club. I'm such a good baker, you know.  Ok, stop laughing, I bought them at Sam's.  But man are they good.

At this tupperware party, I purchased some containers for my baking ingredients.  But since powdered sugar, flower and sugar are all the same color, I figured labels would be a good idea.

After some time in Illustrator, I grabbed my gold vinyl and started cutting.  Silhouette has made cutting and applying vinyl really simple.  I've used it on many projects and I love it.  I don't use my cameo nearly enough.

The metalic gold is warm and metalic-y.

Because I like to share - here's a free download of these silhouette labels.

They include - Flour, Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Brown Sugar and Salt.  Enjoy!

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