Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

The light in the craft room on Sunday was to die for.  It was warm and refreshing and clean and just perfect.  It's been a few months since the last time I did a Charlie photo shoot, so I grabbed the camera!

Have you noticed that the light in the fall is different?  It feels cleaner and clearer.  I love it.

Charlie looks good in this light.  Every time I pick up my camera, I learn something new.  I love to learn and I love that something as simple as spending 3 minutes with my camera can teach me something new.

I've been trying something new lately.  I am not adding any effects to my photos.  Other than black and white, I don't do anything special.

It's actually been really wonderful.  I thought I would hate it, but (if the light is right) nothing is better than a "pure" photo.  I may slightly brighten the photo, but other than that these photos are untouched.

It's been really fun and it has pushed me to get my camera settings right.  When Charlie is in one spot I get to do a lot of experimenting because the subject doesn't change.

And then she gets wise to my plan...

At least it ends with doggie kisses.

In other news, I got a small rug for the craft room.  I got it for the usual reason - wanting something to cozy up the space and a place for Charlie to lay down.  It's this rug from Ikea.  Charlie loves it.  Did you know that light brown dog hair shows up perfectly on a navy blue rug? Oops!

ps. Tomorrow is halloween and for the first time ever - I'll have trick-or-treaters.  Totally excited.  I may not love this holiday, but I'm excited to get to interact with my neighbors!

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  1. I think it's my lot in life to live far, far away from any IKEA's. Saves me lots of money I'm sure. Love that rug. I also love the subject of your photo shoot!