Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hannah's Birthday Party

My lovely, little niece turns one this month.  I can't believe it's already been a year!  We celebrated a little early so that we could have her party at the beach.  Instead of a cake, Charlotte made cupcakes!  They were delish.

We sang Happy Birthday to Hannah and I don't think she liked it.  She looked at us all like we were crazy.  If the song would have been any longer I'm pretty sure she would have started crying.

Since she doesn't quite know how to blow out candles yet, her big brother helped her out.

This is Hannah's baby doll.  Her favorite present of the night.  Whenever she sees her baby, she squeals with delights and gets a big smile on her face.  She loves to hug, pat and kiss her baby.  It's pretty freakin adorable.

She got some pretty sweet toys and clothes, but we were all just so happy to celebrate this little lady.  Plus, it was fun to buy girly stuff for a birthday instead of trains and cars.  I should confess that I also bought Cam a car.

Cam was entertained by his uncle and dad trying to throw glow necklaces onto his head and bracelets onto his arms.  He loved every second of it.

We had a wonderful night.  It's always good to spend time with family.  Can't wait for the fall weather to finally kick in!

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