Friday, September 13, 2013

Get On My Wall!

Art can make all the difference in a home.  For the past several years, the only things hanging on my walls were a bunch of photos.  When I started looking for a house, I also started looking for art for my home. 

I've collected several prints that I love, but I'm constantly on the lookout for more.  

#1 — I'm not quite sure what it is about this yeti wall art, but something about leaves me feeling dreamy.  It could be the little girl is swinging on the yeti's arm, the bird on the his shoulder or his mustache.  Either way, I love the sweetness in this print.

#2 — Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley is a wonderful standard to live by.  It speaks for itself and I really hope it's something I can put into practice.  This print is on it's way to my house.  It will soon be hanging where I will see it every day - in my bathroom.  (This print is currently 50% off.)

#3 — It Is Well is another print from Emily Ley.  A wonderful phrase from a beautiful hymn.  This is another print that is on it's way to my house.  It will also find a home in my bathroom. The lettering is gold and I think it will really pop on the blue walls.  (This print is currently 50% off.)

#4 — This is one you've probably seen before.  It's from my change of address card.  It's one of the favorite things I've ever designed.  I'd like to blow this up and hang it in my hallway.  Not sure why the hallway, that's just where it will go I think.

#5 — This one is my favorite and I'm dying to own one of these.  It is a custom pet portrait from the folks at Yellow Brick Home.  I cannot even express how much I want one of these with my baby's face on it.  They aren't cheap, so I'll need to start saving up, but eventually I will get one.

BTW - what's with Grimm not starting until OCTOBER 25TH?  Are they aware that most shows begin their fall season a month earlier?  Ugh

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