Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Fest Girls Day Out

Our Saturday morning started off pretty early.  I was up before my 8am alarm to get ready for the day. Charlie took her sweet time getting out of bed.

Char and Hannah came over to head to the local flea market.  We plopped Hannah in her nuna and headed off.

It was a crisp almost-fall morning so we bundled up the baby.  Is it just me, or is pushing a baby in stroller the most fun thing ever?  It's so fun.  No idea why, it just is.

We hit up Taste of Crepes for a morning treat and (as always) it was delicious.

This little lady was due for her morning nap, so we headed back to my place.

We didn't think she would like being reclined, but she was all about it.  I love the way she holds on to the stroller.  Those little chubby fingers are just so cute.  And shoes.  How are little shoes just so cute?  I can't handle it.

While Hannah took a nap, Char and i hung out and watched a little tv.

Nap times take forever (though, I'm sure mom's don't agree).  I was very happy when this girl finally woke up.  Charlie and Hannah are very much the same when it comes to food. If they hear plastic crinkle, they are all over you.

Nothing gets between Hannah and what she wants.

We wanted to head back into the city, but Hannah needed to eat first.  Don't worry, when Hannah was on the table we were always there to watch her.  It's juts not possible to feed her on the floor with a dog in the house.  Especially a dog like Charlie.

They're friends, sort of.  Hannah loves to see Charlie.  Hannah is currently saying about 3 words (I think I have that right) - wow, hi and dog.  She loves dogs!  Charlie isn't Hannah's biggest fan, but she seems to like Hannah more than Cam.

There was also a fall festival happening in my sweet little city, so we headed back out.  It was a beautiful day for the festival, which ran from 12-9pm.  Sadly, it started raining around 5 and didn't stop all night.

We had a wonderful girls day out.  Just one thing was missing - Esther.  We can't wait til she is back in the neighborhood and then our girls days will be just perfect.

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