Friday, September 27, 2013

Cozying Up the Craft Room

Being productive is easier when people are here.  Mom was here last Friday night, so I took advantage of her company.  We hung out in the craft room and watched Bob's Burgers while I hung frames.  

Symmetry and I just aren't friends.  I don't like symmetry.  It makes my head hurt.  So when it came time to hang things in the craft room, I chose asymmetry.  I started by hanging the chalkboard here and immediately hated it.  So then I changed tactics.  I grabbed the photo I wanted to focus on and worked from there.

Not surprisingly, it was the picture of Charlie.  I love that picture of her.  I put that on the wall first and the rest just fell into place.

Hanging and grouping frames is fun, but I love adding in other elements.  Esther got me that G and the V is from Urban.

On the wall, you'll also see my little cross stitch project and one of the hats Esther scored during our Vietnam trip.  While I love the photos, I love being able to incorporate memories and projects into my wall decor.

This little frame is from Michaels.  I picked up two thinking they would be perfect for some instagram photos.  Both frames had a sort of green stain in the middle, so I knew I would need to paint them.  Instead of just grabbing the white or gray paint like I always do, I decided to try some color.

In this picture of Katie and me in Philly, City hall is a very pretty blue, so I chose blue paint.  I like this pop of color.

I chose pink for the picture of Hannah, but I don't know if I love it.  It'll stay that color for awhile and then if I still don't love it, I'll change it.

As usual, Charlie was with me during photo taking.  She likes when I take photos in this room because she can sit stand in her chair and people watch.

It was about time I hung my picture shelf.  I'd been putting it off because plaster walls make me nervous.  But since I can't rely on other people to do everything for me, I found some long screws and just went for it.  I learned that I really need to find my drill.  Twisting a screw into plaster walls takes quite a bit of muscle.  Fingers crossed that it all doesn't come crashing down.

The art on the shelf isn't finalized yet, but just having it there it has made this room feel so cozy.  It's amazing how adding a few pictures and prints can change how the room feels.

Last, but not least, was the chalkboard.  I bought this at a flea market a few months ago.  It fit nicely on this wall and I can reach it easily.

The chalk and eraser are stored in a baking tin I bought at HomeGoods.  I don't bake, so I bought it for the specific purpose of storing craft room supplies.  It's shiny and I like shiny things.  I bought 3 of them.

We're liking this room.  Now it just needs a rug.  I'd also love to get a table that I can fold up and store away for projects.  I spent Sunday afternoon in this room and it was wonderful.  I still can't believe I actually have a craft room, let alone a whole house of my own.  This place is the best.


  1. SO cute! I love how the wooden frames warm up the space and make it feel cozy. Great wall composition.

    1. Thanks Jess! I agree, the wooden frames really do warm things up! Makes me wonder why I always buy white frames :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Really good variety on that wall. One of my favorite pictures ever is that one of your dad and Cam on the mower. I often use it as my desktop wallpaper. Two very special men!!!

    1. haha Thanks Aunti Karen! That's one of my favorite pictures too :) That's the picture that got me this job, so it's definitely one of my favorites!

    2. I didn't know you took that picture. That makes it even better. I always thought it was excellent composition and lighting and captured a special moment between a grandpa and his grandson. That's so neat it was this picture that closed the deal on your job. Wow.

  3. very, very cute room! i love all your decor.