Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anthro Inspiration, Episode 5

Each and every time I visit Anthropologie, I leave feeling inspired.

They always have an amazing display and it never disappoints.  They used simple shapes to make something incredible.

One thing I love about Anthro - they never do anything halfway.  This would have looked just as amazing if it was half the size, but it wouldn't have had nearly as big of an impact.

They also incorporated this shape in other displays as well.  Also, that phone case is supa cute.

I love this letter made out of a book.  It's genius.  They didn't glue the pages or anything, because I could still open the book.

All they did was cut the book into the shape of a letter.  Simple and smart.

I've been looking for knobs for the bathroom vanity so I checked out their selection.  This bits and bobs knob is lovely. They also have knobs that say misc., junk, and this & that.  Love them!

This knob was one of my favorites.  I came home with a different set that I'll show you later, but this was definitely my second choice.

Another wonderful copy of a wonderful book, too bad this was just the jacket and not the actual cover.

Talk about never doing anything halfway!  Holy moly!  This is amazing.  Can this just get into my house please?

This little card just made me smile.  How cute is this?

Surprisingly, I only left with 4 new knobs.  It was tough, but I was able to walk away with the single item on the my list and and nothing else.  That't not easy in such an amazing store!

Since the store is so inspiring, I always try to use my increased creativity by making a project inspired by Anthropologie.  I have an idea, now I just need to find the time to actually do it!


  1. waaaaay back when (1990s), i would go to anthro after tea with friends. rachel diamantopoulos, lynne burkholder, and a couple more. we would take notes on what we saw...and come home to replicate. i love that store. you are so dead on. it never disappoints! can't wait to see your knobs...and what you make!!!

  2. My favorite are drawer pulls that tell you what's in the drawer. Looking forward to seeing the knobs you got. I've gotten knobs at Antro before too and there are so many great ones, it's hard to choose!