Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Parents New Kitchen

Big things are happening! After 27 years in this home, my parents have taken the plunge and ripped out their old kitchen.  Hint, hint: this is the old one.  This kitchen worked very well for a long time.

It worked when we were little when we didn't take up much space.  But now that all the kids have grown up and there are two grandkids and one dog running around - there just isn't enough space.

This is the view from the front door of the living room and kitchen (and Charlie yawning). Here's the long and short of this kitchen reno - remove the wall between the two rooms and push the kitchen wall out.  In the end, they will have an open living room, dining room and kitchen.

This is the new kitchen in all it's light and bright goodness.  The black shape in the bottom left is the living room chair.  The tray ceiling is over the new dining room.

Where the unfinished floor meets the nice living room floor is where the old wall used to be.  What a difference!

This is one of the areas we are all very much looking forward to - it's a breakfast nook with bench seating.  It's so long that we could fit our entire family at that table, but we won't have to.  We'll also have the options of sitting at the nine foot island or the dining room table.

This the view from the backyard.  The section of the house that sticks further out is the shop - to the right of that was the patio and deck (both of which are now gone to make room for the new addition).

That new addition is the new kitchen area.  It's huge and wonderful and we are all freaking out just a little bit.

Here's what it looked like with all the flooring in...

And here it is with the cabinets in! I cannot express enough how exciting this is.  No more bumping into each other and now we all have a place to sit.  We can't wait to see it finished and finally be able to start using it!

Mom and Dad deserve this kitchen more than anyone can imagine.  They have worked very hard for many years and it's so nice to see them do something for themselves.  Though, they might regret it later.  I keep telling my mom that we are all planning on moving back in once the reno is done - for some reason she doesn't think that is very funny.

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  1. Can't wait to see a picture of it finished!