Monday, August 5, 2013

My Change of Address Card

When I bought a house, there were two things that got me really excited (ya know, besides all the other amazing things and never having to take the dog out to pee): a house warming party & change of address cards.

NERD ALERT.  Ok, ok, I know it sounds dumb, but I was pretty excited.  I mean, anytime I get to try my hand at digital design, I get pretty excited.  Plus, there's no pressure since it's just for me.

This is the finished product -
front and back
My weird little card to share my wonderful news.  We've moved!  And no, that is not my real address.  Though, I imagine Dreamworld, USA must be a pretty sweet town.

I've already got the house warming party invite done - though that won't be happening until December.

You may be thinking that this little home looks pretty similar to my actual home.

Well, you would be right.  I drew that picture based on my actual house.  I took some artistic license - aka. I didn't include dying plants and sagging porches.  Overall, it looks very much like my house, dontcha think?

This section of the card gave many people a good laugh.  Not sure why, but I'm glad they liked it! I liked this part because this font (Homestead) gave me the opportunity to use 3 different grays in the text.  A small detail, but one of my faves.

Here's a closer look -

One thing I noticed after printing - I never put my name anywhere on the card!  Duh.  It's a good thing I mailed out most of these because at least there was a return name and address on the envelope.  It's amazing how I could have missed that small detail when I've stared at this thing 100 times.

I printed the card in five bright colors and sent it out a few weeks ago.

Now the planning has officially begun for the tupperware party I'm hosting a few weeks from now.  Knowing I have a party coming up is very good motivation for getting my junk together and cleaning this place up.

Now if I could just find someone to do all of that for me...


  1. Now you can stick a silhouette of Charlie in the front window thanks to Katie ;)

  2. I never even noticed your name wasn't on it! When I see "Charlie" on something I just figure it's "the" Charlie of Virginia & Charlie!

  3. I certainly hope I still get one of can just put it in my room for now :)