Friday, August 30, 2013

Insert Sigh of Relief

It's blue.

It's blue. It's blue. It's blue.

Actually, it's Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Blue by Valspar and it's perfect.  I cannot even tell you how nervous I was about this whole thing, but let's back up a little before we get to the good stuff.

West Elm held a Color Event a few weeks ago.  I went with a friend and we had a wonderful time. I talked to their stylist about this makeover and he gave me the confidence to go for navy!

I headed to my local Lowe's and picked three different blues that I thought looked like "navy blue."  I painted them on every wall in the bathroom.  The one I was the most excited about was the middle blue - it's Navy Blue by Pantone.  Sorry Pantone, but I wouldn't call that "navy blue".  It's more of a "royal blue" (i.e. it's purple).  I knew it was definitely not the one when my best friend walked into my bathroom and said "Oh! I like this purple color!"  I decided to go with the blue on the far right (this iPhone photo doesn't do it justice).

This bathroom painting project has been hanging over my head for weeks.  I just kept putting it off.  I had those paint swatches on the wall for weeks.  As excited as I was about the color, I just wasn't feeling motivated.

Then it hit me, I don't have to do this - I can pay someone to do this.  I know this is going to sound over dramatic, but I'm going to say it anyway: it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  It's hard to explain, but this bathroom was sort of a mental block for me.  I wasn't getting this done and I wasn't getting anything else done.  When I decided to pay someone to do this, I became very productive.

This may seem crazy to some people (paying someone to do what I have the ability to do myself), but it was so wonderful.

For those of you that are local - I used Friend and Floren Painting.  The painter came to my house, we talked about everything that needed to be done and then he gave me a quote.  He's awesome to work with and the paint job is fantastic.

Ok, ok, let's get to the good stuff.

Speechless.  Completely and utterly speechless (I say this know I'm about to prove myself wrong with this wordy post).

I was so nervous about this color.  I was scared that a) I would hate it, b) it would make the bathroom feel smaller and c) that it wouldn't be the right blue.  I was so anxious to see it on the wall.  When I turned the corner to walk up the steps, I held my breath as I looked up at the bathroom.  Then I saw it, screamed and ran up the stairs.  It's such a nice blue and it didn't overpower the bathroom at all!  Phew.

As you can see, the mirror is still missing.  I have one.  I just haven't finished painting it yet.  It's not high on my to-do list.

Dad and I had many discussions about the mirror in this bathroom.  If the ledge ran under the mirror, then it would be tilted up.  We went back and forth on how to fix this problem.  We decided to cut out the section of the ledge that was right over the vanity, but leave the board and batten.  I drew a line 4 inches in from both edges of the vanity - that way, no matter what mirror I buy (or if I change my mind) the mirror will always fit in the gap centered above the sink.

The painter caulked in all the cracks in the board and batten (he even did the cracks in the crown molding below the ledge).  That really elevated the look of the board and batten.  It's the perfect finishing touch.

The light fixture is staying, but I plan on spray painting the body (not sure what color yet).  I really wanted to put my chandelier in here, but I think it will bump into the shower curtain rod.  That realization was quite a bummer, but whatevs.

I am very concerned that this bathroom will feel very masculine.  I need to get some girly crap in here asap.  I have art that I plan on hanging, but I'm not quite sure how else to add a women's touch.  Since Katie Brown isn't here to give me advice, I'll have to turn to pinterest.

"Then presto-chango, suddenly
The sun comes shining through
And what does Mr Sunshine say to you

This is officially the first painted window in my home.  I've painted all the trim, but haven't tackled any windows yet.  I'm loving the way this look, I think it has inspired me.

One more look back on what it used to look like:

And here's how it looks now:
There are just a few things left on the list:

– put up the mirror
– vent cover in shower
– add art and girly accessories (but not too girly)
– hang a towel hook
– replace the blind
– get a shower curtain

Using this bathroom has been an absolute pleasure.  Best change in the entire house. #sogladitsover


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the dark blue in there with the clean crisp white. I would have been nervous about going with a dark color too but it turned out perfect. And we just hired a professional to re-paint inside Grandma's house and it's definitely worth it. He did a fantastic job and already had all the right equipment and well worth the money!

  2. Color fads come and go, but blue is always beautiful. I love the blue!! Looks great!
    Diane S

    1. Thanks Diane! You're right - blue is very classic. I can't wait to get some frames on the wall!

  3. love the colors! you make renovating look super fun! :)

    1. Hi Mindy! Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it and are enjoying my little reno adventure :)