Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has sort of become my latest hobby.  Well, I'm trying to make it my latest hobby.  At the moment all I have are some hoops, needles, fabric, many beautiful colors of floss and one finished project.

Many months ago, I pinned this design because I wanted to attempt to make my own.  Boy, was I thrilled to see the kit at a local craft show!  I purchased this cross stitch kit from chez sucre chez.  It came with everything I needed!  The pattern and directions were very easy to follow.

Cross stitch is fun because you don't need a lot of skill to complete certain projects.  Now, if you have a lot of skill, your projects are going to be fabulous - but if you're like me and just starting out, don't be intimidated.  All you need to do is count and stitch.

I love this sweet little design (it's only 5" in diameter).  I made one for Charlotte and Esther as well.  The kit comes with red floss for the heart, but I switched it up for Est and Char.  Char's is a color somewhere between mint and teal and Esther's is neon yellow.  Yes, there is neon floss!  It's a little tough to work with, but it was worth it!

Check out chez sucre chez, especially Kimberly's portfolio - it's amazing!

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  1. You're really good at that. You know your grandma has done a lot of that cross stitch and your mom is great at it too. Me...terrible at anything related to fabric and thread. Just ask my husband how many shirts with a missing button became missing shirts!