Monday, August 12, 2013

Decorating Slash Hiding the Thermostat

A few weekends ago, my mom came over to help whip me into house-shape.  I called with a cry for help and she was more than willing to come over.  I was stuck.  Large projects often overwhelm me - I never know where to begin or what to do once I've started.

That's where my mom comes in.  She had a plan right off the bat.  Basically, I needed her to come over and boss me around.  Mom's organizing skills are like chess skills - she can see 10 moves ahead.

We started in the garage so I could finally pull my car in.  It feels amazing to have that garage clean (I even did a few projects in there last weekend).

I owe a big THANK YOU to my dad for buying me a shopvac.  I cannot even tell you how many spiders, egg sacks and dead bugs I sucked up with that thing (Let's just say there was a lot of screaming coming from the garage).

Lastly, we hit up the dining room.

We gathered all of my frames and I started planning what would go where.  This was about 4 hours into our cleaning session, my brain was fried.  I put a bunch of frames on the wall, hated them, pulled them all down, got frustrated and quit for the day.

My mom left, I watched an episode or two of Lost, had a bowl of ice cream and then got an idea!  Since I hated squishing the frames onto one wall, why not put them on two walls?

BONUS - it also semi-hides the thermostat!  It doesn't stand out as much as it used to, so it's no longer the first thing I see when I walk in the dining room.

Planning things out & taking things slowly isn't my strong suit.  I'm more like do-it-right-now-and-make-it-look-perfect-the-first-time kind of person (which rarely works).  Which is why I now have a bunch of nail holes I need to fill.  This set-up worked the first time.  Phew.

Recently, I set a goal to buy more "art" for my home, but it's hard to imagine not having photos and memories on my walls.

What would I do without photos from my Boston trip with Est, Charlotte and her big boy, a card from the day Mel and I climbed Blue Mountain, a beautiful photo of my mom (that's her with the flowers)...

Gifts from Esther, my best friends, my favorite Christmas pup, my neighbors who are basically my siblings,  Est and I on top of an elephant in Thailand (pretty sure that bug is still in my ear, Est)...

and a sweet moment between Charlie and Cameron (though Charlie is running away in that photo).

Sappy, cheesy moments aren't the norm around this blog, so enjoy it while it lasts (or don't, whatevs):  Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on my couch watching Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Michael and Hurley traipse through the jungle and I had a moment.  I looked around at my comfy, cozy house and was so incredibly thankful and happy (even despite the overabundance of spiders).

This house is really feeling like my home and it's so nice to be surrounded by the people I love (even if it is just in photos and memories). 

My mom asked me the other day if there was anything I hate about my home.  I really had to think about it.  My answer, of course, was the spiders.  I could really do without the spiders, but everything else? I love it all. 

After moving throughout college and my teaching career, it feels so nice to finally be settled. 

ps. Is anyone else wondering what Charlie is sniffing in that photo?


  1. You're definitely "home"'s a nice feeling!

    1. It really does feel like home. It's wonderful.

  2. Love the Christmas Charlie picture! So darn cute!

    As for the sniff - is Charlie preparing to pee on the rug? :)

    1. Thanks Claire - I love that Christmas picture too! It's one of my favorites of her. And the sniff is still a mystery!