Friday, August 23, 2013

A Messy Little Secret

Say hello to my messy, embarrassing secret - the jungle.  This is what my back yard looked like for several weeks.  Whenever I instagrammed a photo, I had to carefully crop out this mess.  I've been hiding it from the public eye, but I couldn't stand it any longer.

The side bushes weren't looking any better.

Not to mention this pile of junk from my garage.  All of that stuff was in my garage.  Can you believe that?  I hardly can.  It was hard to part with that spider/dust/dirt covered Santa, but eventually my mom talked me into parting with it (Are you sensing my sarcasm?).  Thankfully, my dad hauled this away in his trailer, so it no longer takes up my entire patio.

Oh what a mess.  I took this picture after I had started ripping out the weeds/flower/whatever.   I started on the right and worked my way toward the garage.  As I was ripping things out, I saw Charlie hunting through the weeds, but she just couldn't keep up with her prey.  A few minutes later, I encountered what she was after - a tiny mouse.  The fact that it was tiny didn't stop me from screaming.  Thank goodness it was a mouse and not a rat.  Shudder.

Me being a total gardening newbie - I started this whole process in flip-flops.  That would have been dumb enough considering what I was going to do, but it was also raining.  Why I thought flip-flops were a good choice, I will never know.  About 5 minutes into the process I grabbed my wellies and things went a whole lot better.

By the time I was done with the backyard, I had the beautiful pile of crap that I had no idea what to do with - so I moved on.

I was already wet and sweaty, so I decided to get it all the trimming done as well.  Every time I look at my trim job I just have to laugh.  Don't they look so sad and pathetic?  Oh the poor things.  Someday I'll have my dad teach me the skill of pruning, until then, well, this will happen.

I added in the trimmings from the side bushes and the pile was finally complete (and taking over my patio).  This is where the country girl side of me came out.  I looked at that pile of junk and thought What the heck do I do with this? 

At home, we take stuff like this and throw it in the burn pile in the field.  When my dad bags the grass as he mows, he throws it in the field.  When we are done with our Christmas tree, we throw it in the field.  So my first idea was Where's the nearest field?  Thankfully, my city has a website to answer pesky questions like this.

ps. Remember that little mouse I told you about earlier?  He showed up again in this pile and then hightailed it when I started moving the pile.

After purchasing and filling several large paper bags, my patio was finally empty.  It's weird to put my yard trash out with the regular trash, but I guess it has to go somewhere, right? 

Did you know that I love scrubbing my wood floors?  I love getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the floor (I'm not even kidding).  I don't know why, but it's a chore I actually look forward to.  Gardening on the other hand? Yeah, that bologna is just not for me.  The end result was not worth the effort.  But, there are many people who would disagree with me.  To those people I say - when are you coming over? 

All landscaping projects will be happening next summer, when my gardner sister will be back in her house.  Esther has so generously volunteered to do the weeding if I mow both yards.  Does she know I'm getting the better end of that deal?  Let's not tell her, because I really hate weeding.

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  1. You have some crazy boots! I can't believe Esther would trade weeding for mowing. You got a good deal there.