Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sleepover With Cam

Cam is three now and his new favorite thing to do is talk.  He talks and talks and talks and talks.  He asks questions until there are no questions left and then he thinks of more questions.  We had a long discussion the other day, for your sake and mine, I'll only write down his half:

Are you going on a date with Mommy?
Where are you going?
Why are you going to Ikea?
What are you going to buy?
What shelf are you going to buy?
What does it look like?
What are you going to put on it?
And what else?
And what else?
Why are you buying a shelf?
What does it look like?
Why are you here, Aunt Ginner?

All of this talking made our sleepover on July 3rd very, very fun.

His talking and question asking is at it's best when you're in the car.  He talks about everything he sees - "Oh, der's a rusty old tow truck.  Mater is a rusty old tow truck."  Of all the things he said in the car on the way to my house, this was my favorite:
"I waited for you. And I waited and waited and waited and waited. Der were neighbor cars but I didn't see you and den you came!" 
Seriously. This kid. I just love him.

This is his "cheese" face.
Date night's with Aunt Ginner are very exciting because she doesn't know how to cook, so you get to go out to dinner.  Ok, well I know how to cook, but cooking for anyone is stressful.  Besides, I knew he would want to go to "Friendly's House."

Having dinner with a 3 year old is interesting.  You can talk for only so long and then you run out of 3 sentence conversations to have and questions to ask - so we colored (with quite a bit of determination, actually).  This may sound strange, but it was fun to sit together without talking.  It's fun to just watch and see what he'll do.

Date nights with me are also exciting because we get to watch movies.  His tv time at home is carefully restricted (as it should be) but with me, there are no restrictions.  That's where he sat for almost the entire Incredibles movie, even though I asked begged him to sit with me.   In this photo, Charlie was just dying to lick his face.

I finally got him to cuddle with me during the movie.  He held his hand like this for several minutes.  Who knows why.

He found a flashlight in my room and the shenanigans ensued.  Who could have guessed one little flashlight could stall bedtime for so long?

Moms, that's who.  I'm sure any mother would have known not to hand a flashlight to a three year old at bedtime.  But guess what, I'm an aunt and we're allowed to do that (when the mom isn't around).

Sleeping on the floor didn't last long.  He was up in my bed in no time.  The only reason he even started on the floor was because I was afraid he would fall off my bed.  But how do you say "no" to those eyelashes?  So I grabbed my extra pillows, lined them up on the edge of the bed underneath the fitted sheet and we were good to go.  With me on one side, pillows on the other and Charlie between his feet - this boy wasn't going anywhere.

At 6 am, I woke up to "it's time to get up. It's time to get up." being whispered in my ear.  Only this kid could get me out of bed at 6am.

Along with breakfast, he got to watch some Handy Manny.  I sent this photo to my family with the hashtag #spoiled.  It's the truth.  I don't get to completely spoil him too often, so I have to go all out when I have the chance.

We took a walk at around 7:30.  With high humidity and temp, we weren't out very long.  We headed for a playground, but I apparently went to the wrong one so there was nothing for him there.  Now I know better.

Back in the house we relaxed and tried to stop sweating while watching Cars 2.  I had watched it myself awhile ago, but was unimpressed.  Cam on the other hand, couldn't stop talking about it.  My first reaction to the movie was "Lightning is barely even in it."  Cam could not have cared less, his favorite car is Mater and this movie is all about Mater.  I've got to hand it to you, Pixar, you know what you're doing.

He had to hold his Francesco and Lightning while watching the movie.  Anytime they were racing in the movie, he made his cars race on the floor.

I wish I could remember all the funny things he said that night, but there's one thing I definitely won't forget -

As he sat in his car seat, holding his new Mater and being squished by his mattress he said "Thanks for going on a date with me, Aunt Ginner."


  1. This is one of the best posts ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. haha I completely agree Auntie Karen! This was such a fun experience with Cam.

  2. Thank you for sharing your stories & photos. Love reading them. Cam's an old soul.

    1. Hi Taueva! Thanks for stopping by :) i'm glad you enjoy these stories. I sure do love these moments with him.